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UK Energy Suppliers ECO4 Grants Applications are now open for: May 2022

The UK Energy support is an approved installer of cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and electric storage heaters.

Homeowners can now get a 100% FREE replacement of inefficient electric heating systems as well as have free cavity wall insulation and loft insulation installed thanks to the UK government’s Energy Company Obligation ECO4 scheme, if they meet the criteria.

It only takes 2 minutes to find out if you qualify for the grant to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Do You Qualify for ECO4?

If you own/rent a property that is electrically heated and receive the correct combination of income-related benefits, we may be able to improve your home’s energy efficiency for free. Who is likely to qualify?

  • Homeowners or Private Tenants
  • Recipients of Income-Related Benefits
  • Electrically heated properties
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Step 1

Find out if you’re eligible to receive the grant below

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Our Energy Advisor books a survey followed by installation appointment

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Step 3

Start saving £££ while keeping your house warm & cosy

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Who is UK Energy Support?

UK Energy Support is operated by UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd., one of the most reliable and trustworthy insulation companies in the country.

In addition to providing comprehensive energy efficiency assessments we ensure your home is insulated properly. Our team has years of experience installing loft and cavity wall insulation, as well as upgrading electric heating systems.

We specialise in identifying various energy-saving measures that can reduce home heating bills and optimise energy usage for homeowners nationwide. We do this as part of the government-initiated ECO program, which aims to keep homes warm while reducing energy bills and carbon emissions.

What do we do?

  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Solid and internal wall insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Room in roof insulation
  • Electric Storage Heaters (replacement for inefficient electric heating)
  • Smart meter installations

The UK Government’s ECO Scheme was featured in media

Who Qualifies for a Free Electric Storage Heater?

You are likely to be eligible for ECO4 grant and have your electric heating replaced with brand new A-rated electric storage heaters units for FREE by UK Energy Support, if you receive at least one of the following benefits:

  • Child Benefits
  • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
  • Income based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA)
  • Income related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income Support (IS)
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Warm Home Discount Scheme Rebate
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)

New eligible benefit under ECO4

  • Housing Benefit
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit
elnur ecohhr40 high hea retention storage heater
cavity wall insulation uk energy support

Free Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation

The Government scheme covers a wide range of home improvements to reduce UK homes carbon emissions, including insulation. If you’re eligible, you may be entitled to loft insulation grant and free cavity wall insulation.

Get in touch with UK Energy Support to find out if you are eligible for an insulation grant. With decades of experience we can get your home insulation completed within a few days (depending on the property).

Solid and Internal Wall Insulation Grant

By leveraging the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding, we can offer solid wall insulation without the need for any cost contribution from our customers.

Approximately 35% of heat escapes from your home through its exterior walls, so if your home is constructed of solid walls, your options for cheaper solutions are limited. Lack of insulation will result in significantly higher energy bills plus a higher risk of damp and mould growing.

Get free solid wall and internal wall insulation from UK Energy Support. Find out if you’re eligible for the grant below – it only takes a few minutes!  

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room in roof dormer insulation

Fully Funded Room in Roof Insulation

Room in Roof refers to a living area located within a roof area accessed through a fixed staircase and a window of any type. The appearance of room in roofs can be very different depending on their type. A typical room in roof is a dormer property or a pitched roof space with Velux windows.

The team at UK Energy Support is experienced in insulating all areas of roofs that lose heat. As part of the government grant, you may be able to have your dormer or pitched roof improved today.

Electric storage heater replacement review

“Excellent and so professional from start to finish, thank you so much for my electric heater replacement.”

Gill W.

Private Tenant

Electric storage heater replacement 5 star review

“Polite, professional and extremely helpful. I was well-informed at all times about the insulation progress. Great company and service from start to finish.”

Brian McCorey


Why should you trust UK Energy Support?


100% Free Service


UK Government Initiated Scheme


Thousands of Happy Customers


Non-Repayable Grants


No Obligation


2 Minute Application


Full Data Protection

This is a government backed scheme

Do You Qualify For A FREE Electric Heater Upgrade or Insulation Grant?

UK Energy Support Electric Storage Heater and Insulation Installation criteria

Homeowner or Private Tenant

Eligible homeowners, or private tenants (who have permission from their landlord) may be entitled to free insulation and/or electric storage heater completed by UK Energy Support.


If you’re a landlord and your tenants are on benefits (or the Council participates in LA Flex scheme), you can encourage them to check if they are eligible and improve the energy efficiency of your property for many years to come.

Local authority has grants available

Local Authority Flexible Eligibility grants and Health grants are based on the same funding. If you’re not on benefits but the Council declares you as eligible in accordance with their Statement of Intent, you may be eligible for the grant.

Receive Income Benefits and Other:

  • Income based Jobseekers allowance (JSA)
  • Income related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income Support (IS)
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Warm Home Discount Scheme Rebate
  • Child Benefits
  • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Housing Benefit (new eligible benefit under ECO4)
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit (new eligible benefit under ECO4)

Don't wait! Apply Today

The grant is only available until April 2022 so hurry if you don’t want to miss out on FREE electric storage heater or insulation grant through UK Energy Support.