A Closer Look at UK Government Energy Support  Grants & Programs

To manage rising energy costs, the UK Government offers several support schemes. Let’s review key initiatives like the Energy Bills Support Scheme, the Energy Price Guarantee, ECO4 Scheme, and the Cost of Living Payments.

You’ll learn how these programmes can help you reduce bills, enhance energy efficiency, and choose the right energy supplier.

Whether you need the Winter Fuel Payment or advice on energy suppliers, this guide provides essential information to help you navigate your energy spending effectively.

The ECO4 Scheme grant applications are now open for July 2024

Are You Eligible for Government Energy Support ECO4 Scheme?

  1. Homeowners: The ECO4 Scheme is aimed at homeowners. Tenants can apply with landlord’s permission if they qualify. Landlords can encourage their tenants to apply (both parties need to agree).
  2. Income and Benefits: If your household has low income, and you receive qualifying benefits, you are likely to get it (no benefits? we may be able to help through other grants).
  3. Property Type and Condition: Prioritisation is given to households living in fuel poverty or with low Energy Performance Certificate EPC rating D and lower.

What You Need to Know About Government Energy Support

As energy prices rise, the UK government’s energy bills support scheme provides crucial help to families facing high power costs. This initiative offers grants and other financial relief to manage gas and electricity bills effectively.

Why Government Help Is Crucial for Energy Bills

Energy is crucial for powering our homes and workplaces, but rising energy expenses have made it tough for many households to afford their electricity bill.

The Government Energy Bill Support intervenes here, offering much-needed support through the Warm Home Discount Scheme, Winter Fuel Payments, and Cold Weather Payments, especially during very cold weather.

How Does Government Energy Support Work?

The Government Energy Bills Support scheme helps families manage rising energy spendings through various supports, including grants, means-tested benefits like Pension Credit, and energy price caps.

Your local council and energy supplier collaborate to administer this assistance, including the Household Support Fund for extra help.

Additionally, payment breaks and energy efficiency improvements through grants like ECO4 and the Great British Insulation Scheme are offered to make energy expenses more manageable.


Warm Home Discount Scheme:

Eligible households can receive a one-time discount on their electricity bill each winter to help lower heating costs.


Winter Fuel Payment

Automatically provided to eligible pensioners to help cover heating costs during colder months.


Cold Weather Payment

During periods of significantly cold weather, eligible individuals with specific means-tested benefits get extra payments to handle higher heating costs.

Warm Homes Discount part of Government Energy Support Program

The Energy Bills Support Scheme

Energy Bills Support Scheme is an important government scheme aimed at helping with gas and electric bills so that households can cope with the rising cost of energy bills, especially amid energy price increases. This scheme provided an annual one-off payment of £400 towards bills for energy from October 2022 to March 2023, with options for replacement vouchers extending until June 30th, 2023.

Who Qualifies for the Energy Bills Support

To qualify for this energy support, households must meet specific income-related criteria or be receiving certain benefit payments.

For example, households on the Priority Services Register or those receiving qualifying benefits like the pensioner cost are automatically eligible.

How to Apply for Energy Bills Support Scheme

Applying for this scheme is simple and quick. Households can apply online through the GOV.UK website.

The process involves entering details from your electricity key or prepayment meter, ensuring even those managing debt solutions or priority debts can easily access the energy grants and living payments needed during cold weather.

ECO4 scheme eligibility check – It only takes 2 minutes and no commitment

Government Energy Support Qualifying Benefits

Qualifying benefits for ECO4, part of the Government Energy Support Initiatives

  • Child Benefits
  • CTC - Child Tax Credits
  • Housing Benefit
  • JSA - Income based Jobseekers allowance
  • ESA - Income related Employment & Support Allowance
  • IS - Income Support
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit
  • UC - Universal Credit
  • WTC - Working Tax Credit
  • Warm Homes Discount

What the 2023 Energy Price Cap Meant for Individuals

In 2023, the Ofgem Energy Price Cap limited the maximum charges energy suppliers could impose, setting it at £1,928 annually for typical households from January to March 2024.

Post-June 2023, only households with pre-payment meters continued to receive a discount under the Energy Price Guarantee, aligning their costs with direct debit customers and saving approximately £25 over nine months. This support came to an end on 31 March 2024, with the ‘PPM premium’ being removed from April 2024 onwards.

From 1 July 2023, households without a pre-payment meter will no longer receive an Energy Price Guarantee discount on their gas and electricity bills.

Source: Energy Price Guarantee GOV.UK

The Impact of the Energy Price Cap on Your Bills

As of April 2024, the Energy Price Cap has effectively stabilized typical household energy charges. Should households require additional support beyond this cap, the government offers mechanisms like debt repayment plans and payment holidays to ensure necessary assistance is accessible.

Understanding the Energy Cost Control

Adjusting in response to market conditions rather than temperature, the Energy Price Cap ensures fair pricing for energy consumers throughout the year. Vulnerable populations, including those receiving state pensions or registered for priority services, may be eligible for direct financial assistance or receive fuel vouchers during periods of extreme cold.

What to Expect from the 2023/24 Cost of Living Payments

In 2023/24, the UK government extends its energy bill support through Cost of Living Payments aimed at those on low income, pensioners, and individuals with disabilities. These payments, meant to help with rising costs for gas and electricity, total £301, £150, and £300.

Eligibility for these payments is based on receiving certain means-tested benefits, including supports for those with prepayment meters or receiving the following benefits.

disabled facilities grants

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Managing Your Energy Costs

Managing your heating power costs effectively is not just about using government energy support schemes; it also means making energy-saving home improvements, using alternative fuels, and choosing the best tariff for your needs.

smart meter technology

Energy Saving Home Improvements

Installing insulation and efficient heating systems reduces your energy usage and bills. Households not on the national gas grid, especially those using schemes like the Green Homes Grant, can significantly benefit. These changes also help manage water bills and can support equipment like oxygen concentrators more efficiently.

Switching to Alternative Fuels for Better Savings

You’re eligible for this payment if the main way you heat your home uses:


Tank or bottled gas

Liquid petroleum gas (LPG)



Solid fuel

Choosing an Energy Tariff That Saves You Money

Selecting the appropriate energy tariff ensures you’re not overpaying. Whether using a gas card to add credit or managing a monthly direct debit, finding the best tariff, like the economy 10 tariff or economy 7 storage heaters is crucial. This choice affects how you manage living payments and can help with the cost of living payment adjustments for those on pension credit.

ECO4 is a government energy support backed scheme

UK GOV website address

Making the Most of Government Energy Support

With the right guidance, navigating the UK government energy support scheme is manageable, allowing you to fully utilise options like the Energy Bills Support Scheme, the Energy Price Cap, and the Cost of Living Payments. These programs are designed to help households manage their energy costs effectively.

Additional Resources for Energy Bill Assistance

If you’re struggling to cover your energy bills, additional help is available. Contact your local council or community organizations for more support, and reach out to your energy suppliers for free advice. They can provide debt repayments payment breaks to ease your financial burden.

We also covered what grants are available through UK Energy Support is a separate article here.

Don’t forget to take advantage of government help like the ECO4 initiative, which includes the Warm Home Discount to lower your home’s energy use.

If you receive Pension Credit, Support Allowance Universal Credit, or qualify for a Winter Fuel Payment, these can further reduce your energy expenses.

FAQ about Government Energy Support Schemes

Does everyone get the £150 energy payment in 2024?

No, the Council Tax Energy Rebate (CTER) was closed on September 2022.

How will I receive the £400 energy grant?

The £400 energy grant is typically distributed directly by energy companies to eligible households. If you have a prepayment meter, you might receive this as a fuel voucher. Otherwise, the grant is paid automatically into your account, ensuring that the process supports those needing a debt solution or living payment assistance.

Is the government still helping with energy bills?

Yes, the government continues to assist with energy bills through various schemes, including the Warm Home Discount, the Cold Weather Payment, and the Cost of Living Payment. These initiatives are designed to help reduce the financial burden of energy bills for households, especially those experiencing pensioner cost of living payment increases.

Are we still getting a £67 energy payment?

The £67 energy payment, known as the Cold Weather Payment, is still being issued during periods of very cold weather to eligible households. This payment is paid automatically to those with a prepayment meter or receiving certain benefits, helping to manage higher fuel charges during the winter.

Will we get help with energy bills in 2024?

The The Energy Bills Discount Scheme is now closed. However, the government help with energy bills is expected to continue in 2024 through existing schemes like the Cost of Living Payment and new initiatives. Keep in touch with your energy company or local authority for the latest updates and free advice on these supports.

Will everyone get the £400 energy grant?

No, not everyone will receive the £400 energy grant. This grant is part of government schemes aimed at supporting specific groups managing high energy costs. Eligibility depends on factors like receiving a qualifying benefit or being part of the Warm Home Discount scheme.

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