Best electric heating system

As nearly every household in the United Kingdom has access to the electric grid, you could use electricity to heat your home, if it does not have mains gas.

Our team at UK Energy Support listed some ways you can heat your home using the best storage heaters as even the best electric radiators are not as energy efficient as you may want them to be.

Find out what is the optimum energy efficient heater for your home as well as what is the cheapest way to heat a house with Economy 7 storage heaters and a smart meter.

Do You Qualify for a free electric heating system?

It’s likely that you qualify for the program if you own or rent a property that is electrically heated and receive the right combination of income-related benefits.

  • Receive Income-Related Benefits
  • Homeowner or Private Tenant
  • Have Electrically Heated Property

What is electric heating?

Electric heating is an eco-friendly alternative to gas central heating. It allows you to convert electricity into heating for your home.

We think that the best electric heating system whould allow you to control your own home heating without depending on a gas boiler to do so while lowering costs and limiting the amount of services it may need each year.

Why does this matter? This article explains everything you might need to know about the best electric heating systems in the UK market.

best heater for large room elnur

Do you qualify for a free electric storage heater replacement?

We can replace your old and inefficient electric heater or radiator with modern Electric Storage Heater. Find out below if you qualify!

best electric heating system elnur

Why choose electric heating?

Electric central heating is the most recommended form of energy as it is cost-effective and better for the environment.

Compared to traditional heating methods, best electric heating system will pose little to none risks to human health – there are no gases, burning materials or combustible fumes- and very little chance of repairs being needed due to no moving parts.

Electrical central heating is far less likely to need repairs, which means you are incredibly unlikely to be left without heat. Even the best electric radiators require more maintenance.

Stored heat is controlled by you within storage heaters; therefore you will not suffer from long term heat loss if your system did break down.

It is up to you when and how this stored heat will be made available, which is not always possible with gas systems.

See if you’re eligible for a free installation of electric storage heater.

What is the best electric heating system?

We might be biased, but the best leading electric central heating system, in our opinion, that can be used is the ELNUR Electric Storage Heater.

We use ELNUR Electric Storage Heaters to replace inefficient old room heater and radiator under the government’s grants for home improvements, particularly the ECO scheme.

So you may ask why have we chosen the ELNUR Electric Storage Heaters for FREE, government funded replacements?

The answer is simple: the more we increase your property’s energy efficiency, the better for us cost-wise, so we picked a company to partner with that will ensure this.

In other words, we benefit from making sure that you get the best there is on the market when it comes to electric storage heating. No shortcuts or things are being overlooked from UKES or any of the companies we use to install electric heaters.

Elnur Storage Heater Replacement

But there are other reasons:

  • All ELNUR heaters come with a warranty and should operate perfectly for the duration of that time.
  • Modern storage heaters are unlikely to break as much as older storage heaters and other older electric heating systems.
  • You can expect the heaters to feel considerably cooler yet more efficient than your old electric radiators. This allows them to keep the valuable heat inside without overheating the casing with the heat pump.
  • It is the best electric heater type available on the market and is the most cost-effective & energy-efficient of those up for offer, in our opinion.
  • They allow for a 24-hour electrical supply without raising your costs or expensive maintenance but they are also Economy 7 Storage Heaters, which means they can be charged during cheaper night tariff.
  • Over time, this electric heating system maintains a set temperature with heat contained inside for whenever you want to release it into your home.
  • This is because the ELNUR Ecombi system is high heat retention which means it has stronger insulation, meaning that heat isn’t lost when you don’t want it.
  • The temperature accuracy of the heaters ensures that they won’t overheat a room, as is typical with traditional heaters. You get to decide the temperature with the digital heating thermostat.
  • Despite being smaller than the heaters they are replacing, these electric storage heaters are considerably more efficient than traditional, slimline heaters.
  • The best electric heating systems will be ones that save you the most money and prevent heat loss within the home.

How do storage heaters work?

A storage heater works on the basis of storing heat for the future inside their systems.

This allows households to decide when and how the heat is released- either in a consistent low stream, or turned on only when there are people in the house.

It is possible to attach electric heaters in multiple rooms from the same electric grid, meaning that the rooms that most need heating can have it when required without raising your heating bills.

The right choice of the best heater for large room will lower your energy usage and make your electricity bills smaller.

More videos on how to use Elnur heaters are available on Elnur YouTube channel.

For rooms you might not use as often, there’s little reason to spend money on heating them entirely.

Many storage heaters are also known as electric night storage heaters; this is because they store heat during the night (when you are less likely to be needing it) and release it according to your requirements. An electric night storage heater is an affordable form of a central heating system.

Most people use heating and hot water in the morning, so it is possible to programme your digital thermostat to release the heat pumps (see air source heat pump grant) at a particular time in a heating schedule.

With this kind of electric heating system, you pick and choose which rooms get the most heat at any given time.

Find out if you qualify for a FREE ELNUR storage heater replacement of inefficient electric radiator.

Gas boiler heater in bathroom

Electric or gas – which is better?

Many people see gas heating as becoming a thing of the past.

This is because, in the long run, it isn’t seen as being sustainable or reliable in comparison to the best electric heating system offered today.

Why is this? The UK government put together its net-zero Strategy, which outlines policies and proposals for the UK to reach the net-zero goal by 2050. This will be through the decarbonisation of all sectors of the economy, including your energy bills.

It is believed that heating your home with gas will become more expensive as this aim is met.

In addition, with gas boilers, there is the concern that there may be expensive repairs or replacements required, especially if there is a risk to human health in a household.

This is because gas boilers may break or degrade over time, requiring more costly maintenance, whereas electric heaters rarely break or need expensive repairs as they have no moving parts. Your access to heating and hot water will benefit more from electrical heating options via heat pumps than the traditional gas heat methods.

A growing number of people are interested in boiler upgrade scheme or back boiler removal grants because back boilers are outdated and ineffective at quickly heating the home.

Compared to being connected to a gas network, access to the electricity grid is far easier and cheaper to get along with an Electric Storage Heater running on the economy 10 tariff or economy 7 heating tariff or  heat pump while also saving you the cost that comes with boiler installation.

This form is the most efficient heating system available in the modern-day UK, according to government guidelines. And if you meet certain criteria, you might be eligible for a free electric storage heater replacement grant.

The benefits of the best electric heating system:


As electric heating systems don’t require boilers, there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or damage to the environment from released carbon dioxide. You should definitely consider electricity tariffs and find cheap electricity providers before committing to an electric-based heating system.

Energy efficiency

There are few energy-efficient options for gas central heating compared to an electric heating system. A gas-fired boiler runs the risk of leaking, corrosion in the heating element and not responding to the needs of the thermostat.

This can cause your entire gas-based heating system to become unusable if the boiler breaks, meaning you will often have no heating or hot water until repairs are made, or a new boiler is installed (which can be massively expensive).


The best electric heating system won’t rely on moving parts, so there is no danger of having to wait for materials to become available or for maintenance specialists to visit your home with a faulty.

A well-built and efficient heating system based around electricity should last at least fifteen years, though many can go for as long as 20-25 years.


Although UKES does not supply them, there are other electric heating options on the market are electric radiators, electric towel rails, portable electric heaters and underfloor heating (this may also be known as radiant heating).

Some people want infrared heaters, which is also available from other installers (though not necessarily under the ECO scheme). You can also get dedicated bathroom heating from certain companies, depending upon your energy intentions which may include heated towel rails.

What are the kinds of the best electric heating systems?

Electric storage heaters

Electric storage heaters are ideal for homes with no access to a gas network but require heating. They are normally filled with thermally retentive bricks to store heat overnight, which are heater during the night, meaning that the electric storage heater produces no dangerous gases that may impact a person’s health.

An electric storage heater uses 100% of the heat that it retains, meaning nothing goes to waste from electric radiators. These often work alongside a piece of equipment called an immersion heater, which helps to bring heat into the surrounding air.

Unlike electric radiators, electric storage heaters are considered to be extremely effective because they are small and often a portable unit which can be combined with electric boilers.

The best electric storage heaters are the ones that provide the most cost-effective solutions for you and your home.

Electricity powered boiler

There are electric boilers available on the market which are more efficient compared to their gas alternatives. An electric boiler will often be the best heating system for people who want better energy efficiency in comparison to the low 90s efficiency of a gas boiler.

Electric panel heaters

Instead of using individual conventional convection heaters, which are more suitable for large rooms, it is more financially beneficial to invest in electric panel heaters if you have a smaller home.

Convection heating, however, is powered by gas or liquid, which means there is more of a risk of the system breaking down faster than an electric-based heating system.

Electric panel heaters can be used for both domestic and commercial heating and can often be found in caravans. This is because of their slim design and their fast-acting heat pumps, meaning they generate heat quickly and effectively.

Infrared heating panels

Another kind of electric central heating is infrared heating panels. Instead of heating a room, infrared panels warm up the objects and people within it.

Due to the lack of the atmosphere being heated, there is less dust generated, and it is described as being a healthier and cleaner alternative. Infrared panels limit lost heat by focusing on primarily heat solid objects. Occasionally, underfloor heating will use infrared heating panels.

In general, however, they are not recommended for home use as they heat objects rather than space.


UKES team can help you with replacing your old electric radiators with new electric storage heaters which are the best electric heating system in our opinion, for FREE – fully funded from the government grants! Please note, we currently don’t install boilers, electric panel heaters or infrared panels.

What should I do if I want an electric heating system installed?

If you want best electric heating system, such as storage heaters, installed in your home there is always the possibility of receiving a government grant. You should consider the types of electric heating and their running costs in comparison to gas heating.

Night storage heaters may be up for offer thanks to the ECO3 scheme (now closed and replaced by ECO4 Scheme) if you can’t afford to fund these home heating efficiency measures yourself.

Through the ECO scheme, there are options available that could provide you with more efficient electric central heating systems in the future.


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What is the Storage Heaters Replacement Grant?

The electric room heater to storage heater replacement grant from the UK government is on offer through the ECO scheme in accordance to carbon saving obligation guidance.

This allows companies like UKES and other installers to provide these electric central heating systems for free in order to improve efficiency and lower carbonation in the UK to meet the 2050 goal of net-zero and for you to have lower running costs without wasted energy.

Government Energy Support grants can provide assistance to those on a low income in many ways. The ECO4 funding focuses on providing free grants for low income families. It might surprise you, but there is a lot of funding out there to help, including hardship grants for single mothers and fathers, if you’re struggling to make ends meet.

If you are a recipient of the following benefits, you are likely to be eligible for the grant:

  • Child Benefits
  • CTC - Child Tax Credits
  • Housing Benefit
  • JSA - Income based Jobseekers allowance
  • ESA - Income related Employment & Support Allowance
  • IS - Income Support
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit
  • UC - Universal Credit
  • WTC - Working Tax Credit
  • Warm Homes Discount

This is a government backed scheme

How to qualify for the best electric heating system replacement funding?

Free Electric Storage Heater and Insulation criteria in line with ECO4 requirements


Homeowner or Private Tenant

Eligible homeowners, or private tenants (who have permission from their landlord) may be entitled to free insulation and/or electric storage heater replacement of inefficient old electric radiator.



If you’re a landlord and your tenants are on benefits (or the Council participates in LA Flex scheme), you can encourage them to check if they are eligible and improve the energy efficiency of your property for many years to come.


Local authority has grants available

Local Authority Flexible Eligibility grants and Health grants are based on the same funding. If you’re not on benefits but the Council declares you as eligible in accordance with their Statement of Intent, you may be eligible for the grant.


Income Benefits Recipents

  • Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) – income based
  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) – income related
  • Income Support (IS)
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)
  • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Housing Benefit
  • Child Benefits
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit

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