ECO3 government grant

The ECO3 Scheme

What is the ECO3 Scheme?

The ECO3 scheme (the third phase of the Energy Company Obligationnow transitioned to the ECO 4 Scheme) was introduced by the UK government, so homeowners and private tenants (with the landlord’s permission) could apply for a government grant to have their old and uneconomical room heaters replaced with electric storage heaters 100% free of charge.

Is your heating system inefficient with low EPC ratings?

The 3rd iteration of the scheme was replaced by the ECO4 grant in April last year. Take a couple of minutes to find out if you qualify for ECO 4 funding by answering a few questions.

The Government ECO scheme grant system applications open for April 2024.

ECO3 explained

The ECO3 grant scheme stands for the Energy Company Obligation and it was the third phase of the project that finished in March 2022 and was replaced with ECO 4 scheme from April 2022.

The UK Government ECO Scheme also branches out and includes ECO Scotland and ECO Wales Schemes.

Please note, UK Energy Support currently does not cover the ECO Northern Ireland Scheme government grant due to additional conditions.

ECO3 Qualifying Criteria

Do you own or rent a property?
Is it electrically heated?

Well, this is a good start! To receive ECO3 or phase four funding, you also should meet the following criteria, which is the correct combination of these income-related qualifying benefits.

  • Homeowner or Private Tenant (with Landlord’s permission)
  • Get Income-Related Benefits
  • Have inefficient Electric Room Heaters

The UK Government’s ECO Scheme – check if you qualify

The Government ECO3 Scheme: What Do They Say?

In their ECO3 guidance document, the UK government described to ECO3 scheme 2021 as:

‘The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) requires obligated energy suppliers to deliver energy, efficiency and heating measures to homes in Great Britain. These measures help households to keep their homes warmer, reduce their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.’

For more information, take a look at the government’s Energy Company Obligation ECO document.

ECO 3 Scheme
ECO 3 Scheme Benefiter

Which Benefits were Included in the ECO 3 Scheme Eligibility?

If you received any of the following income-related qualifying benefits, you were most likely be eligible for the ECO3 scheme:

  • AFIP – Armed Forces Independence Payment*
  • Attendance Allowance*
  • Carer’s Allowance*
  • Child Benefit (under specific conditions)
  • Constant Attendance Allowance*
  • DLA – Disability Living Allowance*
  • Income Support
  • IIDB – Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit*
  • JSA – Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • PIP – Personal Independence Payment*
  • Severe Disablement Allowance*
  • Tax Credits, including Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit
  • WPMS – War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement*

The ECO 3 scheme was replaced with ECO 4 and some benefits no longer qualify you for the grant. We marked them with * above.

This is a government backed scheme

In the past, people living in the property with solid walls weren’t eligible for the ECO3 scheme, so they missed out of the energy saving and affordable warmth of a new electric heater due to the high initial costs. ECO 4 intends to continue allowing solid wall insulation funding.

ECO 3 Installers

The government ECO3 scheme covered a wide range of home improvements because the overall aim is to reduce the carbon emissions in our homes across the UK based on the Government’s Carbon Saving Obligation guidance.

Find out whether you are entitled to the ECO grant.

You can get in touch with UK Energy Support for an Energy Company Obligation ECO consultation. We will help you figure out if you can get funding for the fourth phase ECO grant because we want to improve your homes!

We have decades of experience, so we certainly know our stuff! If you met the ECO 3 qualifying criteria (including the qualifying benefits), you are likely to qualify for ECO 4, and we can get your home a free electric storage heater by replacing your old inefficient room heaters or insulate your home within seven days (depending on the property).

Government schemes such as the ECO3 scheme target those in vulnerable households with low income to find energy efficiency measures for your home heating system. The government response can also include an insulation measure for external wall insulation, cavity wall insulation, or loft insulation.

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Extra Benefits of the ECO 3 Scheme

If you were eligible for an ECO3 grant, your room heaters could have been replaced with new free electric storage heaters. You can have them replaced as part of ECO4 funding as well.

You can be a homeowner or a private tenant (after getting permission from your landlord) to be entitled to free electric room heater to electric storage heater replacement.

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ECO 3 was a government backed scheme

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The ECO 3 grant was only available until the end of March last year. But you can still upgrade your home energy efficiency before bad weather, cold temperatures and high bills catch you off guard as part of the phase 4 of the ECO scheme.