Universal Credit Grant

The Universal Credit grant is available for individuals facing financial hardship. You can apply for monthly payments if you’re unemployed or earning a low income. Additionally, if you claim Universal Credit (UC), other grants are available, such as Council Tax Reduction to lower your monthly bills, and schemes like ECO4 and the Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) for heating and insulation to help you with your spendings.

What Grants Can I Get on Universal Credit?

If you claim Universal Credit, there are several financial assistance programs and grants available to help you manage your expenses. We’ve prepared a comprehensive list of the various supports you can access.

Universal Credit Recipients: Are You Eligible for ECO4 Scheme? Find out below

  1. Homeowners: The ECO4 Scheme is aimed at homeowners. Tenants can apply with landlord’s permission if they qualify. Landlords can encourage their tenants to apply (both parties need to agree).
  2. Income and Benefits: If your household has low income, and you receive Universal Credit, you are likely to get it.

Types of Grants Available in 2024/2025

Various grants are accessible to individuals who claim Universal Credit right now:


Heating and Insulation Grants

The ECO4 Scheme and the Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) help people on Universal Credit get free insulation and heating upgrades. ECO4 makes homes more energy efficient through upgrading various heating measures, while the GBIS provides free insulation only, both helping to lower energy bills and make the cost of living more manageable.

Council Tax Reduction (CTR)

Council Tax Reduction helps low-income individuals reduce their council tax bills. You can apply if you’re working, self-employed, retired, or on welfare benefits, including Universal Credit. To be eligible, you must have savings of up to £16,000 and be responsible for the council tax on your property. Applications can be made directly or through a Universal Credit claim. For more details and to apply, visit Council Tax Reduction.


Housing Grants

Support with rent, mortgage interest, or home adaptations is available, along with council tax reduction from your local council, to reduce housing expenses during times of lowered income. You can apply for Affordable Homes here.


Education and Training Grants

Financial aid is provided for courses, training, or necessary educational materials through certain benefits, assisting in budgeting and saving on essential costs.

Childcare Grants

Assistance with childcare costs, including access to early education and tax-free childcare, enables parents to work or study, providing extra support for families.

Health-Related Grants

Support for medical equipment, treatments, or disability adaptations is available, especially if you have a health condition. Visit NHS website for more details on how to apply. Additionally, Cold Weather Payments may be provided by your energy supplier for added support during chilly periods.


Additional Support

Maternity grants, hardship payment, support allowance, legal costs assistance, and living payment are other forms of support that can be accessed during the last assessment period to ensure individuals and families receive the extra support needed. Support with rent, mortgage interest, or home adaptations, alongside council tax reduction to ease housing expenses.

Emergency Financial Aid Grants

One-off hardship payments for unexpected emergency household costs or travel costs, especially relevant during the first payment phase of Universal Credit. You can also find out whether you qualify for hardship grants for single mothers and fathers.

How to Apply for Universal Credit Grants with UKES

3 Steps to ECO4 and the Great British Insulation Scheme:

If you receive Universal Credit payment and are a homeowner, chances are high you could qualify for the Great British Insulation Scheme or ECO4 grant. It’s simple to find out. Check below if you’re eligible.

If you’re eligible, a UK Energy Support (UKES) energy advisor will contact you to schedule a survey. This survey ensures all OFGEM criteria are met before proceeding with the installation if you’re happy to proceed.

It’s a straightforward process designed to help you get the home improvements completed to reduce your household’s energy costs. With just a few clicks, you could get on the path to a warmer home and lower bills for power.

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Step 1

Find out if you’re eligible to receive the grant by clicking on the eligibility check button below

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Step 2

Our Energy Advisor books a no obligation survey followed by installation appointment if you qualify

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Step 3

After installation completion, you instantly start saving £££ while keeping your house warm and cosy throughout the year!

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What is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is a benefit payment in the UK designed to assist individuals or families who are on a low income or out of work. It combines six former benefits, including:

  • Housing Benefit
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Income Support
The amount you receive depends on your individual circumstances, such as your income, how many children you have, and whether you have a disability. It’s intended to simplify the benefits system and provide a safety net for those who need financial support.

Between 2013 and 2017 Universal Credit replaces six means-tested working age benefits. Backed by a punitive system of tiered sanctions and fines, Universal Credit represents a major expansion and intensification of personalised behavioural conditionality and indicates the ubiquity of conditionality at the heart of twenty-first century UK social citizenship.

Source: Dwyer, P., & Wright, S. (2014). Universal Credit, ubiquitous conditionality and its implications for social citizenship. Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, 22(1), 27-35. Retrieved Oct 9, 2023, from https://doi.org/10.1332/175982714X13875305151043

universal credit application

How to Apply for Universal Credit

Gather necessary documents showcasing your eligibility. To apply for Universal Credit go to:

  1. Online Application on GOV.UK: How to claim Universal Credit
  2. Creating Account: Create an account online, complete your claim within 28 days of account creation.
  3. Partner Accounts: If living with a partner, both create accounts and link them during the claim.
  4. Offline Claim: If unable to claim online, use the Universal Credit helpline by calling 0800 328 5644 or visit a jobcentre.
  5. Essential Details: Provide bank details, email address, phone access, and identity proof (e.g., driving licence, passport).
  6. Additional Information: You will have to share housing, earnings, health conditions, childcare costs, and savings information.
  7. Identity Verification: May need an appointment for further verification or claimant commitment agreement before receiving the first payment​.

FAQ – Universal Credit Grant

What grants can I get on Universal Credit?

If you claim Universal Credit, other grants are available, such as Council Tax Reduction to lower your monthly bills, and schemes like ECO4 and GBIS for heating and insulation, among others. In addition, you could get assistance like free school meals for your first child or a budgeting advance to manage unexpected expenses.

Can you get a crisis grant on Universal Credit?

Yes, you can get a crisis grant on Universal Credit through the Universal Credit Contingency Fund in Scotland. This grant provides short-term financial assistance for essential living expenses in extreme or exceptional situations.

What can you get for free on Universal Credit?

On Universal Credit, you may get free school meals, free NHS prescriptions, dental and optical care, and support with health costs. Schemes like the ECO4 and the GBIS provide grants for insulation and heating improvements to UC recipients.

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