How to get Free Cavity Wall Insulation Grants?

If you live in the UK, you can get a free Cavity Wall Insulation Grant as part of our comprehensive home energy efficiency scheme. It’s for everyone using benefits such as Universal Credit, Pension Credit, ESA, etc. Getting wall insulation funding is especially beneficial if you own a house (because it is pretty expensive to fund it on your own).

Just start your application on this page. Insulation grants will make your home warm and save you money.

Energy is getting more expensive. So saving on heat is good for you and everyone else.

As part of a suite of energy-saving measures, insulation can cut your energy bill by up to 30%.

But be quick. Because as winter comes, it’s harder to get this free offer.

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** The Cavity Wall Insulation Grant is part of the ECO4 Scheme – you can also check other government energy grants on our website.

Do You Qualify for Free Cavity Wall Insulation Grants?

It’s likely that you qualify for government grant for cavity wall insulation if you own or rent a property that is ideally electrically heated and you receive the right combination of benefits.

  • Receive Qualifying Benefits
  • For Homeowners or Private Tenants
  • Electrically Heated Properties

If you want to learn more about how UK Government cavity wall insulation scheme works as part of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), follow the link above.

Step 1 to receive free cavity wall insulation
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Use the eligibility checker below to determine if you are eligible for the cavity wall insulation grants
Step 2 to receive free cavity wall insulation grants
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A member of our Energy Advisor team will contact you to schedule a survey
Step 3 to receive cavity wall insulation grants
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Upon successful completion of your survey, we’ll discuss the best energy efficiency improvements such as insulation for your home
Step 4 to receive cavity insulation
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Get a lower energy bill and relax in your improved, energy-efficient home!
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What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

A cavity wall is two layers of brick with a cavity between them. Cavity wall insulation or CWI is a process of inserting insulation into a small space between them. Depending on the type of cavity, different materials can be used for the insulation, such as foam, bead, or mineral wool.

But you don’t have to worry about figuring out which one will suit your home. We will send a surveyor to determine whether your property is suitable for government cavity wall insulation (including finding out if cavity wall insulation removal will be needed to replace old insulation in some circumstances) and which one will be most appropriate.

Most homes built with a cavity wall between 1924 and 1982 are likely not filled with any cavity wall insulations. If that is your home, you may be eligible to get cavity insulation entirely for free at no cost to you!

How does Cavity Wall Insulation reduce heat loss?

Cavity wall insulation works by reducing the amount of heat loss from walls. To increase thermal efficiency of the wall, insulation material is blown between the bricks to decrease heat transfer outside the wall.

The air circulation is reduced within cavity walls which are filled with fibreglass insulation. As a result the temperature is significantly better compared to uninsulated walls.

Effective insulation will make your home drought resistant and use less energy for heating. It will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Why do Energy Companies Provide Grant for Cavity Wall Insulation Free of charge?

This is due to the Energy Company Obligations scheme (ECO) supported by The Energy Saving Trust and regulated by Ofgem.

Initiated by government free cavity wall insulation UK grants are funded by energy companies, through installers like UK Energy Support, because of the government’s commitment to improving the UK’s carbon emissions. Energy suppliers are obligated to follow the government scheme and put money into making UK homes more efficient because the alternative of getting fines would be far worse, but it’s excellent for their customers!

As part of the scheme, you can have many energy efficiency measures installed at your home, provided you meet qualifying criteria. Upgrades such as free insulation (learn more about the Great British Insulation Scheme), boiler replacements (see British Gas boiler replacement) or electric storage heaters (see ECO4 Scheme) can improve your home’s EPC rating and save you money not only because they won’t cost you a penny, but they should lower your utility bills from energy supplier.

The free home insulation grants fund covers the installation of insulation material as well as the labour required for it. Upon work completion your home will also have energy performance certificate issued.

UKES’ objective is to make UK houses more energy efficient and tackle fuel poverty, especially for low-income households and vulnerable people, through installing free cavity wall insulation.

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What is Cavity Wall Insulation Made from?

Free cavity wall insulation used by installers  is often made from shredded mineral wool, glass fibre or polystyrene beads, which both reduce the heat escaping from your home by up to 35%.

While cavity wall insulation alone could save you up to £145 each year and reduce carbon emissions by up to 610kg, our integrated energy-saving solutions are designed to maximize your home’s efficiency and savings. Even having partially filled cavity walls is more beneficial than uninsulated cavity walls in the long run.

Energy providers are required to instal heating measures weather by replacing broken gas boiler or installing cavity or solid wall insulation (among many others!), under the ECO scheme. It is best to take advantage of this while free insulation is on offer.

Check whether you are eligible for cavity wall insulation government scheme or cavity wall insulation removal and other measures.

The most economical cavity configuration depends on the insulation material used. Under the conditions of the present study, polyurethane board and rock wool are found to be more cost effective when used alongside air spaces, while polystyrene is most cost effective when used with no air space.

Source: Al-Sanea SA, Zedan MF, Al-Ajlan SA, Abdul Hadi AS. Heat Transfer Characteristics and Optimum Insulation Thickness for Cavity Walls. Journal of Thermal Envelope and Building Science. 2003;26(3):285-307. doi:/10.1177/109719603027973

Free cavity insulation grants can save you a lot of money; check your eligibility now!

Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation installed through Energy Company Obligation (ECO scheme):

Fully funded

Insulation measures can be fully paid from the government funding for cavity wall insulations pot and therefore save money.

Save money

An uninsulated home loses about a third of its heat through the walls. If you insulate cavity walls properly through an approved installer, you will save energy and cut your heating costs.

Warmer home

The free insulation will limit the lost heat generated by having empty cavity walls and allow you to retain heat for longer.

Home value increase

Not only will your energy bills decrease, but upgrades like adding insulation to solid walls or installing free cavity wall insulation and loft insulation can increase your property’s value.

No maintenance

A good pre-installation assessment and good installation procedures can easily prevent the majority of cavity wall problems.

Reduce foundation weight

As a result of their thinner thickness, cavity walls reduce the weight on the foundation.

Is my House suitable for Free Cavity Wall Insulation?

There is a chance that cavity wall insulations won’t be suitable for your home, but here’s how you can tell if your home is suitable:

  • The external walls are unfilled cavity walls.
  • It has at least a 5cm wide cavity.
  • It was built before 1982 and in some cases 2005.
  • Your home is capable of heating efficiency in the long run.
  • Your property’s brickwork, outer wall or masonry is in good condition.
  • There is little risk of your house flooding.
  • The walls are not exposed to too much driving rain or extreme weather.
  • It is still possible to have it installed even if adjoining properties don’t.
Home with free Cavity Wall Insulation

Building regulations changed after 1982 where insulation was required to be fitted on any houses built from that point, but some of them weren’t. The properties built after 1982 that didn’t have cavity insulation fitted could be insulated for free with government funding if they were built before 2005.

Some homes can also need cavity wall insulation removal. In some cases, it may be necessary to extract the cavity wall insulation because the insulated cavity walls were done incorrectly and cause moisture.

You could be suffering from internal damp problems or vermin infestations. Perhaps the insulation was installed incorrectly or is deteriorating. If the insulation was not suitable for your home, then the installation should have been avoided altogether.

If you are still unsure, we could help you! Simply answer some questions, and we will give you a call for some advice and a brief assessment.

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Can Location Impact Getting my Free Cavity Wall Insulation Grants?

Cavity wall insulation can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your heating energy bills. However, the location of your home does impact your ability to receive free wall insulation.

This is mainly due to the severe exposure to wind-driven rain. This particularly affects the west side of the country, in England, Wales, and Scotland.

However, other forms of wall insulation are available, which can also aid in making your home energy-efficient, including internal solid wall insulation, internal wall insulation, or external wall insulation as well as free loft insulation.

UK Energy Support can help you get free insulation for: loft and cavity wall; room in roof insulation and solid wall among others. In some cases, we can help as well with internal wall insulation, but it depends on specific circumstances.

Can I Get Cavity Wall Insulation for Free even if I’m Not on Benefits?

Individuals can get wall cavity insulation grants because of the GBIS and ECO4 scheme, as previously mentioned.

Unfortunately, housing association tenants do not qualify unless they own 50% of their rented home, though it could be beneficial to contact UKES anyway to see what we can do!

Suppose you are not on benefits and believe you are not entitled to receive cavity wall insulation grants (which you can check below). In that case, you may be eligible to get it through your local council or perhaps there are other heating measures UK Energy Support can install for you. Get in touch, we may be able to help.

The Qualifying Benefits for Free Cavity Insulation are:

  • Child Benefits
  • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
  • Housing Benefit NEW
  • Income based Jobseekers allowance (JSA)
  • Income related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income Support (IS)
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit NEW
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Warm Homes Discount
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)

Would I Qualify for Cavity Wall Insulation Grants?

To get free wall cavity insulation you should:


Own a home or rent one (but you must get the landlord's permission first)


Have a high carbon-emitting home


Receive income-related benefits or tax credits

ECO 4 is a government backed scheme

UK GOV website address

Why should I Apply for Free Cavity Wall Insulation?

Perhaps you are already thinking about applying for free cavity wall insulation grants. But if you’re still not decided, here are some examples of other reasons why you should apply:


Quick turnover

There is minimal disruption to you. Through a few drilled holes in your wall, your home can maintain all the heat generated for longer. The grants for cavity wall insulation require high quality work without cutting any corners on installing cavity wall insulation so the time it takes to insulate your home depends on individual circumstances.



UK Energy Support offers high-quality services when it comes to fulfilling cavity wall grants applications. We operate across the UK to provide energy support services and installation of loft and cavity wall insulation, along with free electric storage heaters and other heating measures to anyone who qualifies under the ECO scheme.


Reduce bills

Getting cavity wall insulation reduces your heating bills, giving you more money to spend on yourself and your family. If you are a private landlord, you will also benefit from this scheme due to the lack of required maintenance and the fast turn around on the initial cost.


Reduce carbon footprint

Your CO2 footprint will be reduced, meaning you are playing a part in saving our planet. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that one third of heat lost in houses can be avoided by installing cavity wall insulation. Insulation is often more beneficial than getting a new boiler which may not be as environmentally friendly.

About UK Energy Support

UK Energy Support is an insulation supplier based in the North East of England who provides free energy efficiency upgrades such as internal and external walls insulation, boiler and electric heating upgrades to anybody eligible for government grants for cavity wall insulation and heating measures upgrades under ECO scheme.

Specifically this includes cavity wall insulation grant, loft insulation installation and free electric storage heaters to help lower the cost of people’s energy bills.

Although we are based in Newcastle, we operate across the entirety of the UK without a single cost to you. We work with main energy suppliers to make the process of obtaining heating system upgrade and cavity wall insulation grants as smooth as possible for you and your family.

We also specialise in free electrical storage heaters replacement which can also help to improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower your heating bill. Start now and find out if you’re eligible for cavity wall insulation grants.

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