How exactly can UK Government Grants for House Repairs assist with my Home Improvements

Grants for home improvement and house repairs are available to UK homeowners to carry out essential energy efficient upgrades to their homes under ECO4 scheme or the Great British Insulation Scheme.

Could homeowners get energy efficiency Grants for Home Improvements?

If you’re wondering what government energy grants are available through UK Energy Support, we can install free cavity wall insulation and loft insulation as part of the Government Grants For House Repairs as well as upgrade your home heating efficiency by replacing gas boiler or installing electric storage heaters and getting a smart meter.

Nowadays, there are plenty of different grants for home improvements in the UK for different home repairs.

Why should you apply for government grants for house repairs?


Is your home in need of repair?


Perhaps you are losing all of that hard-earned money on your energy bill for a house that’s not insulated.

UK Energy Support will help you know the options you have to apply for house repair grants to make energy efficient home improvements.
You will then receive an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) up to the standards of your local authority energy efficiency improvements scheme.

The ECO4 home improvement grants are available to those who meet the eligibility requirements. Start now to find out if you qualify (no commitment required at this stage of checking eligibilty).

Home upgrades:

  • Loft and Cavity wall insulation
  • Internal wall insulation
  • Room in roof insulation
  • Electric Storage Heaters
  • Smart Heating Controls
  • Non-condensing to condensing Boiler Upgrade (Like for like swaps)
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Solar panels

Not all measures are suitable for every home; this depends on individual circumstances and a survey conducted at your property. Start below to find out which home improvement measures you can receive for free.

See newest grants available to tackle energy crisis.

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What help can I get with Home Improvement Grants?

Here are some examples of the home repairs that are energy-saving to improve or modernize your home, regardless of the property type.

Assistance you could get under renovation grant:

  • Cavity wall insulation measures
  • Solid and internal wall insulation
  • External wall insulation
  • Loft / roof space insulation
  • Air source heat pump grant (an air source heat pump can absorb from the outside to heat your home in the future, also called ground source heat pumps)
  • Room-in-roof insulation
  • Smart meter installations
  • Solar panels (for solar thermal energy consumption with renewable energy)
  • Energy-saving heating (electric storage heaters)
  • Double glazed windows (not supplied by UKES)
  • Draught-proofing (not supplied by UKES)
  • Boiler upgrade scheme

We can help you with installations, get the best electric heating system, or different types of insulation to improve or modernize your home with this grant.

People with a low income can apply for a non-repayable loan from the government (including your local authority) to repair and upgrade their house and make it more energy efficient through the house repairs scheme at no cost to them, helping with household bills.

Cavity Insulation through Government Grants for House Repairs UK scheme

See if you qualify for energy efficient Government Grants for House Repairs UK

Check the eligibility requirements for home grants below.

There is considerable government funding available for ECO home improvements to make green homes by reducing our environmental impact in the area of energy efficiency measures.

In addition to grants initiated by the government and funded by energy suppliers, local authority also offers energy efficiency programs.

Not all grants for home improvements available are government funded, but all can help improve your home if you are eligible for the house repairs and upgrades program.

If you’re not claiming any benefits we may be able to arrange the upgrades through LaFlex – a local authority delivery scheme available to vulnerable people.

As a result of these grants, your home will be able to provide more warmth, energy efficiency, and value.

Newest Grants available not limited to Homeowner Energy Saving Improvements

£100 cost of living support

This year, households will receive support for high energy bills worth £100s.

As part of a new cost of living support package, all households in the UK will receive plenty of help and simple energy advice from local authorities.

£400 energy grant

A non-repayable £400 energy grant from energy efficiency schemes will be available to households in England, Wales, and Scotland (not Northern Ireland) from local authority. As a result of this announcement, the so-called ‘loan-not-loan’ scheme of £200 is no longer in effect.

For almost all households, the new scheme will bring a non-repayment grant of £400 this winter.

If you have a traditional prepayment meter, the vouchers will be sent as credit on your account. Rather than one large payment, it will likely be spread over several months starting in October.

£650 for benefit claimants

Benefit recipients will receive £650 if they qualify for certain means-tested benefits. You will receive two payments – one in July and one in October.

In order to qualify, you either need to receive a qualifying benefit or commence a claim that is later approved by 25 May 2022 (or 24 August if you qualify for pension credit).

There has been no announcement of eligibility for the second payment.

£300 on top of Winter Fuel Payment

You will also receive an additional £300 over what you would normally receive under the winter fuel payment if you are eligible. November or December will be the time when this will be paid.

£150 for individuals with disabilities

Those receiving disability benefits will receive an additional £150 by September.

£150 Council tax rebate

A £150 council tax rebate is available to households in council tax bands A to D. Despite the fact that some households have received theirs already, we are aware that many others have not. It will vary from council to council how soon they will be able to pay the rebate, but they have until 30 September 2022 to help with temporary council tax reduction.

Cash Payments:

  • The Winter Fuel Payments (amounts range from £100 to £300 towards your heating bills if you were born before 26 September 1955)
  • The Warm Home Discount scheme (discount of £140 off your electricity bill between October and March)
  • Cold Weather Payment (£25.00 a day for any seven-day period of freezing weather between 1 November and 31 March)

Is Energy Company Obligation (ECO) one of the Grants for Home Improvements?

The simple answer is yes!

Though this does depend on whether you qualify for it, you can get a home repair program assessment first to see whether you meet the eligibility requirements for government home improvement financial aid.

What is ECO4?

In Great Britain, the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) aims to reduce carbon emissions and combat fuel poverty by engaging local authority.

ECO stands for Energy Company Obligation. ECO is in phase four of their plans, which is to provide energy efficient home improvement free grants for low-income families who are homeowners or in rental housing. Also, other vulnerable households with the types of home that have too much of carbon emissions and are in need of financial assistance such as hardship grants for single mothers and fathers.

The grant is funded by energy companies and focused to improve low energy performance homes by providing free insulation, electric storage heaters and boiler upgrade scheme among other energy efficiency measures.

eco4 government grant scheme

Could I Qualify for the ECO4 Grant for Home Improvement?

You might qualify for Grants for Home Improvements if you are on certain benefits, and you are a low-income homeowner or private tenant (with landlord’s permission). See the qualifying benefits listed on the side.

We, at UK Energy Support, want to meet the ECO4 scheme targets by helping with the long list of home improvements UK households could make to improve or modernize them. We focus on wall insulation or loft insulation, as well as helping replace inefficient heating systems.

So whether you’re looking for British Gas cavity wall insulation or you’re with any other energy supplier, we can help you find out if you’re eligible for the (home upgrade) grant for low income households as fuel poverty is a current serious matter with winter coming up and green homes will always be better for our environment.

An assessment is free of charge, so check the eligibility requirements now!

Qualifying benefits:

  • Child Benefits
  • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
  • Housing Benefit NEW
  • Income based Jobseekers allowance (JSA)
  • Income related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income Support (IS)
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit NEW
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Warm Home Discount
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)

Home Repair Grants for Landlords

All government home repair grants available may be available to both homeowners and private tenants, as long as they have permission from their landlord (because they have the home ownership).

This means landlords cannot apply for grants for home improvements but they can encourage their tenants to improve the living conditions as long as the tenants meet the eligibility requirements (such as they claim one of the qualifyuing benefits).

Home Repair Assistance Grant for Disabled Individuals

There is a specific government home repair program that can help disabled people, which is called the Disabled Facilities Grant. By contacting your local authority, they can help you live a better life with adaptations to your home to make it easier for you as a disabled person.

The disabled facilities grant is the main disability grants scheme the local council offers, but there are other government schemes that do still target disabled people.

Financing based on a government scheme

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How Can UK Energy Support Help You With Grants for Home Improvements?

We are fulfilling the primary measures of a government-initiated scheme (ECO grants) to help you with home improvements and save money (especially when on a low income), whether it is with energy efficient heater insulation or air source heat pumps, to improve or modernize your home.

You can get in touch today, and we would be happy to help you benefit from grants for home improvement and house repairs!