Hardship Grants for Single Mothers and Fathers

Single parent households on low income can apply for hardship grants for single mothers and fathers whether they are on payroll or unemployed. Here’s how you can apply for free grants available for low income families.

You can find grants for home improvements to enhance your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your utility bills, as well as welfare benefits, charitable grants, and other financial assistance.

Here at UKES, we want to ensure that anyone eligible for single mother grants can apply easily and won’t miss out before ECO4 finishes (last part of the Energy Company Obligation scheme).

Hardship grants for individuals are now open for: April 2024. Start to find out what's available.

Check if you qualify for hardship grants the UK government offers to single parents through UK Energy Support.

You may gain access to grants for families in hardship UK government initiated (ECO4) for free cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, free smart heating controls and home heating upgrades if you:

  1. Are a homeowner or rent
  2. Claim one of the qualifying income-related and welfare benefits
  3. Live in a poorly heated property
  4. The property has a low EPC rating score
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Enjoy lower bills and relax within your improved and energy efficient home!

free grants for low income families

List of UK hardship grants for single mothers help that UKES can offer:

Free cavity wall insulation and loft insulation grants – if you’re eligible (start your check below), you may qualify to have your old inefficient cavity wall insulation removed and replaced, or if your property does not have one, it could be installed. This is possible due to the ECO4 and  the GBIS schemes, which has been designed to help low-income families in financial hardship reduce energy bills, among other benefits. This grant for single parents and families in financial need is a perfect solution because it won’t cost you a penny.

Storage heater replacement grant – if your property is electrically heated, you may be entitled to replace your old electric heating with modern high retention storage heaters. This is also possible thanks to the ECO4 that is a main source of hardship grants for unemployed.

Grants for house repairs – there are other heating measures the UKES team can upgrade in your home as part of the ECO grants for single parents and low-income families. We do not provide cash payments; however, we can access main energy companies’ funds to support lone parents and vulnerable individuals and upgrade their home’s energy efficiency. That is, if you meet the criteria to get single mother grants UK energy suppliers finance.

Air source heat pump grant – Heat pumps are efficient and cost-effective heating systems that use renewable energy from the air outside to heat a home. Through the ECO4 Scheme, low-income families can qualify to receive them for free. This not only removes the upfront cost of installation, but also helps reduce energy bills in the long run, as heat pumps are much more efficient than traditional heating systems.


This is a government backed scheme

List of Benefits that qualify for grants for single mothers and single fathers, UK Energy Support can fulfil at no cost to you:

To qualify for free insulation or free storage heaters as part of the grants single parents can claim, you should receive one of the following benefits:

  • Child Benefits
  • CTC - Child Tax Credits
  • Housing Benefit
  • JSA - Income based Jobseekers allowance
  • ESA - Income related Employment & Support Allowance
  • IS - Income Support
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit
  • UC - Universal Credit
  • WTC - Working Tax Credit
  • Warm Homes Discount
hardship grants for single parents

Other grants for single parents in the UK


Government Grants if you have children

In addition to monetary support when having a baby or adopting, there is support such as child benefits, tax credits, and child care assistance. Visit UK gov website for more details.

Learning Allowance help for single mothers

In England, full-time students with children may qualify for Parents Learning Allowance to help with their learning costs. You can get up to £1,863 payment for the 22/2023 academic year if you are a single parent.


Care to Learn

The Care to Learn UK scheme is there to help with childcare costs if you’re studying in school, college or university. The amount of up to £175 a child per week is fixed every week and is paid to your childcare provider to support your education in a responsible way.

Childcare Grant

The funding helps you cover the costs of childcare while you study up to 85% of your childcare costs. The amount of money you’ll get will vary depending on your life, income and childcare needs. Childcare Grants do not require repayment, and you can apply for them here.

Sure Start Maternity Grant

A one-off tax-free payment of £500 might be available to you through Sure Start Maternity Grant if you receive certain benefits or tax credits to help cover maternity and baby expenses.

Grants for Fuel and Water Bills

A single-parent grant may be available from the trusts and funds of multiple water and energy suppliers. They can provide money to pay utility bills and sometimes other household expenses. You can find direct links at singleparents.org

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Providing free single mothers grants among other government energy grants is the focus of our UKES team. Let us help you improve your home’s energy efficiency and apply for available grants to ease hardships of a single parent!