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If you own/rent a property that requires cavity walls insulation or solid walls insulation and receive the correct combination of income-related benefits you’re likely to qualify.


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Receive Income-Related Benefits


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Carbon Saving Obligation

What is The Carbon Saving Obligation?

The carbon saving obligation is a UK government scheme with ECO funding (you can find out more about this here).

It is designed to help fund low income households pay for hard-to-treat cavity wall insulation and solid walls.

The carbon saving obligation can also be known now by the Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation (or CERO) since it has evolved since 2018.

Different energy companies have signed up to the energy saving programme to help low-income and vulnerable households with fuel poverty and are doing their part for the carbon emissions reduction obligation. The energy efficiency measures that could be put in place by energy companies such as energy saving heating systems, could help those with high energy bills get a home heating cost reduction.

So now you’re probably wondering, “Can I get this funding?” You can check if you’re eligible now.

More Information About The Carbon Saving Community Obligation (CSCO)

There is a community element to the government carbon emissions reduction obligation scheme because their aim is to help lower the entire countryโ€™s carbon footprint in the green deal. The funding provides a range of home insulation improvements primarily for low income families, including:

  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Internal wall insulation
  • External wall insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Underfloor insulation

By allowing funding to low income and vulnerable households in the UK, whether they own their own home or it is privately rented, the governmentโ€™s green deal ECO3 plan can lower our carbon footprint for a brighter future no matter what the personal circumstances of individuals.

Cavity Wall Insulation Carbon Saving Obligation

See if you qualify for Carbon Saving Obligation Grant

Am I Eligible for Carbon Saving Obligation Funding?

Because the carbon saving community obligation scheme is a subsection of the government ECO scheme, it means if you have already qualified for that, you will be accepted for this funding.

Check out our ECO3 Scheme page for more information.

Eligibility includes:

  • Owning your own home or privately renting one
  • Have a high carbon emitting home
  • Receive income related benefits

The benefits that qualify as income related are:


Armed Forces Independence Payment


Child Benefit and/or Child Tax Credits


Disability Living Allowance


Universal Credit


Working Tax Credits


Pension Guarantee Credit


Employment and Support Allowance


Jobseeker's Allowance


Personal Independence Payment


Carerโ€™s Allowance

Carbon Saving Obligation Scheme

Can I Still Apply for Funding even if I Wasnโ€™t a Part of the ECO2 Scheme?

You can apply to the ECO scheme at any point. We are in the ECO3 phase of the carbon saving obligation and carbon emissions reduction obligation. Just because you didnโ€™t realise about this green deal scheme before now, doesnโ€™t mean you have to miss out. If you are eligible for the funding, you can apply when you want.

Just like the previous ECO2 scheme, nothing lasts forever, the ECO 3 grant will only last until 2022.

Why Should I Apply for Carbon Saving Obligation Funding?

Much of the housing stock in the UK is old, which means they are often cavity walls or solid walls that are difficult to treat, or loft insulation which no longer holds up to the department of energy district heating systems. The carbon saving obligation funding from the UK government is specifically directed towards homes with this problem. If your home has this issue, here are reasons why you should check whether you qualify today:

  • More energy efficient
  • Less expensive to heat your homeย 
  • Less expensive to insulateย 

You could be saving a lot of money and helping the environment with this green deal, so why not apply?

How Can We Help You with the Carbon Saving Obligation?

Here at UK Energy Support, we are a part of the energy company obligation ECO has in place and we want to play a part in helping the government with their carbon emission reduction targets.

We want to help you with heating systems or insulating your home (whether that is loft insulation or solid wall insulations, etc). Not only are we a government backed company, but we have many happy customers that have benefited from our years of experience. We can help see if youโ€™re eligible for carbon saving obligation funding if you contact us today. You can also check other Government Grants for house Repairs UK, if you’re interested.

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Other reasons to contact us are:

  • A part of the ECO3 UK government scheme
  • 2 minute application
  • 100% free grant
  • Happy customers all around the UK
  • No obligation for you
  • Full data protection

You can be a homeowner, landlord, or private tenant (but make sure to get permission from your landlord first) to be entitled to carbon saving community obligation funding.

Financing based on a government scheme

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Apply Today & reduce your carbon footprint

Just like the previous ECO2 scheme, nothing lasts forever, the ECO 3 grant will only last until 2022, so apply now and donโ€™t miss out.