What is the ECO5 Scheme?

The ECO5 Scheme is the next phase of the UK’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO), focusing on advanced energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Each iteration of the ECO scheme adapts and evolves to reduce carbon emissions and help the UK government achieve its goal of net-zero strategy.

ECO5 grant, slated to commence in 2026, promises to further these goals by integrating cutting-edge technologies and new eligibility criteria that consider the carbon footprint of households.

The government is now in active consultation with energy suppliers and installers to fine-tune the ECO5 Scheme.

The ECO4 Scheme grant applications are now open for May 2024
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  1. Homeowners: The ECO4 Scheme is aimed at homeowners. Tenants can apply with landlord’s permission if they qualify. Landlords can encourage their tenants to apply (both parties need to agree).
  2. Income and Benefits: If your household has low income, and you receive qualifying benefits, you are likely to get it (no benefits? we may be able to help through other grants).
  3. Property Type and Condition: Prioritisation is given to households living in fuel poverty or with low Energy Performance Certificate EPC rating D and lower.

Understanding ECO5 Scheme

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What is ECO5 grant?

ECO5 is the UK government’s newest plan aimed at reducing how much energy we use and increasing the use of clean energy sources like solar panels and heat pumps in homes in line with carbon saving obligation.

This phase is not just a continuation of ECO4 Scheme but an expansion of previous efforts to make our energy use more sustainable.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy highlights that such efforts are crucial for meeting the UK’s goal of having zero net emissions by 2050, helping to cut down on pollution from homes.

Timeline and Implementation

ECO5 funding availability is scheduled to start in 2026, right after ECO4 ends, and will most likely run until 2030. This period aligns with key milestones set forth in the UK’s Net Zero Strategy, which includes interim targets like a

68% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

Source: UK sets ambitious new climate target ahead of UN Summit

By aligning ECO5 Scheme with these targets, the project helps the UK meet its big promises on climate action and plays a part in global efforts to stop climate change.

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Renewable Energy Focus

Importance of Renewable Energy in ECO5

Utilizing renewable energy is essential for rapidly achieving our net-zero objectives. ECO5 will capitalize on these technologies to drastically reduce carbon emissions from residential energy use. Such initiatives are supported by findings from the International Renewable Energy Agency, which highlight the pivotal role of renewables in global carbon reduction strategies.

Types of Technologies Promoted in ECO5 Scheme

ECO5 Scheme will most likely focus on technologies such as air source heat pumps and solar panels, noted for their capacity to decrease dependence on fossil fuels.

Studies, such as those conducted by the Energy Saving Trust (Source: Getting warmer: A field trial of heat pumps), demonstrate that incorporating these technologies can cut energy costs and carbon footprints across diverse households. Such solutions make sustainable living feasible for more communities, contributing significantly to national sustainability goals.

ECO5 Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Innovative Eligibility Requirements

ECO5 grant is set to change how we decide who gets help by possibly including how much carbon a household emits as a key factor. This method focuses on supporting efforts that have the most significant effect in lowering overall emissions. By targeting homes with higher emissions, ECO5 funding can be more effective in making our air cleaner and fighting climate change. ECO4 considers carbon emissions but they are not a direct qualifying factor for grant eligibility at present.

How This Affects Households

If your home emits a lot of carbon, ECO5 might offer you special help to switch to greener energy options. This means you could get support to install things like solar panels or more efficient heating systems, which not only reduce pollution but can also lower your energy bills.

With direct support like such ECO5 Scheme aims to make a big difference in our environmental targets by helping those who need it most to use less fossil fuel and more clean energy.

Why Carbon Footprints Matter in ECO 5

A carbon footprint measures all the carbon dioxide emissions that are directly and indirectly associated with activities or daily living. Homes with higher carbon footprints usually use older, less efficient appliances and methods that produce more pollution. By focusing on these households, ECO5 helps ensure that upgrades and improvements have the biggest positive impact on the environment.

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What ECO5 Scheme Will Offer

To make it easier to understand, here’s what ECO5’s support will prioritise in our opinion:

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Solar Panels

By supporting the installation of solar panels, ECO5 will help households harness solar energy, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing carbon emissions significantly.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

ECO5 will promote the adoption of air source heat pumps, which efficiently heat homes by extracting warmth from the air outside, even in colder weather, leading to lower carbon footprints and energy costs.

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Heating Controls

With ECO5, enhanced heating controls allow for more precise management of home heating systems, ensuring energy is used more efficiently and only when necessary, helping to cut down on waste and costs.

Getting Involved: ECO5 Consultation and Public Input

The government is currently consulting with energy suppliers and installers to refine the ECO5 Scheme. Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to participate in public consultations. Your involvement will be crucial to shaping policy that effectively meets the needs of our community.

Check our website regularly to see when you can have your say and make a difference in this vital process. Engaging in these consultations can be incredibly impactful, helping to ensure that ECO5 grant benefits you and your family.

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ECO5 Scheme Preparation Tips

What you can do to find out if you can benefit from ECO5 when it launches.

Steps to Take Now

To prepare for ECO5, first assess your home’s energy usage and losses from poor insulation or inefficient heating technology. Think about upgrading to more energy-efficient solutions. Here are a couple of steps you can take:


Audit your home’s energy consumption

Start by checking where your home uses the most energy. This could be heating, lighting, or old appliances that are not energy efficient.


Investigate renewable energy options

Look into which renewable energy systems such as solar panels or heat pumps can save you energy consumption and money.


Check home insulation

Enhancing your home’s insulation through ECO programs can reduce the need for heating and cooling, thereby lowering energy usage.


Stay informed

It’s vital to keep up-to-date with the latest information on ECO 5. Check our website regularly for updates and details on when and how you can contribute your opinions during public consultations.

ECO4 is a government backed scheme

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FAQ, ECO5 grant explained

Who qualifies for an ECO5 grant?

Eligibility for an ECO5 grant will likely be based on your household’s carbon footprint. The detailed criteria will be defined closer to the scheme’s initiation in 2026 following consultations.

Is the ECO scheme still running?

Yes, the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme is currently active, following the conclusion of the ECO3 Scheme in 2022. As of 2024, the ECO4 phase is operational and will continue until the commencement of ECO5 in 2026, though the regulations for ECO5 have yet be disclosed.

How does the ECO5 scheme work?

The ECO5 Scheme works by providing grants to households to install energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies. The focus will be on reducing carbon emissions, with eligibility possibly tied to the carbon footprint of individual households. Similar to ECO4, it is one of the many government energy support grants and programs.

What is the ECO scheme in 2024?

In 2024, the ECO Scheme is in its fourth phase, ECO4, which focuses on improving home energy efficiency primarily for low-income and vulnerable households. It includes measures such as insulation, heating upgrades, and possibly extending into renewable technologies.
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Who are UKES & what do we do?

UK Energy Support is run by a trusted North East installation company called UK Energy Management NE Ltd based in Sunderland, although we operate across the entire United Kingdom.

We are working in accordance with Ofgem regulations through a government-backed scheme and often with local authority offering no-cost home energy efficiency upgrades, fully funded by energy suppliers. Our mission is to lower heat loss in homes and reduce your energy bills in UK households before ECO4 final stage impact assessment.

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