Economy 7 Storage Heaters

The Economy7 heaters are a great commodity for households that run on electricity, yet many people don’t know how they can benefit them directly.

At UK Energy Support, we want to help you as much as possible to keep your home rooms heated during winter (and any other time!) with the best electric heating system that can lower your energy bills.

Energy efficient heater systems like Economy 7 storage heaters are so much better in comparison to radiators that they can be installed in UK households for free as part of the ECO4 scheme – the government initiated scheme that aims to improve energy efficiency of UK homes.

Read on to find out more about how you could get a new energy-efficient electric heating system for free!

Do You Qualify for Economy 7 Storage Heaters?

If you own or rent a property that is electrically heated and receive the correct combination of income-related benefits you’re likely to qualify for storage heater replacement grant.


Homeowner or Private Tenant


Receive Income-Related Benefits


Electrically heated property

economy 7 storage heters times

What is Economy 7 Storage Heating?

An economy seven storage heater is a heating system for your home which can be connected to your consumer unit and programmed to charge overnight, saving you money during the off-peak hours. It also means less energy being wasted and more costs saved!

After profesional instalation, the Economy 7 storage heaters are able to keep you nice and cosy during the day without the high daytime electricity rates because of their input and output controls, contrary to regular radiators. Your storage heater can charge overnight and when you require heating, you can just choose for it to release heat as you please.

What is an economy 7 tariff?

Simply put, any economy electricity tariff is a way for electricity providers to provide your home with energy during no peak hours. With this kind of tariff, your electricity is stored and builds within a storage heater over night in order to provide heat during the day.

See if you qualify for Economy 7 storage heater replacement Grant

How Do Electric Storage Heaters Work on Economy 7?

Storage heaters are used to heat homes with an electric supply, but not a gas source. They use less expensive off-peak evening electricity (the off peak times are typically 12pm to 7am) via an economy 7 tariff.

This is referred to as Economy seven because you get lower electricity rates for seven hours every night. This is done by using a specific electricity meter that measures the amount of electricity you use during the day and at night.

If you’re on a use-by-date tariff, like Economy 7 or Economy 10 and you’re using electricity to warm your home, an economy 7 storage heater could allow you to take advantage of cheaper electricity rates during off-peak electricity times.

Storage heater is powered by electricity that store thermal energy by heating ceramic bricks inside them during the evening, then releasing the stored heat to keep your home warm during the day.

Elnur Ecombi Economy 7 Storage Heater

What are the pros and cons of Economy 7 tariff

Having electric storage heaters controlled by a tariff won’t be for everyone, but for many it is a sustainable way of saving and supplying energy and heat via storage heaters to your home.

The list of pros for using Economy 7 electricity tariff include:


Ideal for people with hot water tanks, electric cars and storage heaters.

Can be cheaper to run your appliances and conserve energy overnight, ready to be used when you need it as heat the next day.

You get approximately seven hours of cheaper electricity on this tariff during the night (depending on the region).

You can run appliances like your washing machine in the night time without spending as much money on electric as during the day.

Most efficient running with the best heater for large room

Larger savings if you use up to 40% of the energy generated overnight.

The cons of using the night storage heaters tariff all depend on your circumstances and budget:


Without a storage heater, this tariff will not be cost effective in the long run.

Some providers of economic tariffs charge twice the standard for electricity used during the day

Not charging a storage heater with the electricity generated during the night may result in higher operating costs

Changing circumstances might make this a unsustainable option for you.
Check your eligibility for Economy 7 storage heating replacement grant for your house

Types of Economy 7 Storage Heaters:

There are different types of economy 7 heaters to think about and they can be a bit confusing, but we can help advise you!

Manual Economy Seven Storage Heater

These heaters are the most basic models of economy storage heaters, but they are also the most affordable. They were the first models of this kind of heating and were the most popular throughout the 1960’s and onwards.

Storage heater will continue to run until you manually turn them off. They store energy in the evening and then heat is released through the day, keeping you warm. However, if you use all the energy stored inside after underestimating your need for it, you may find that you’ve ran out of heat. With a manual storage heater, it’s important to predict when you’ll use and need your home to be heated most (and to remember to turn it off).

Automatic Combination Economy Seven Storage Heater

This is an electric storage heater that also has combined elements with a traditional convection heater. You are able to turn the heat on at any time and it becomes instantly warm. These heaters can typically monitor the amount of stored heat through a digital display

These heaters require a power source unlike other types and they work best in large rooms of houses while keeping your electricity bills and price cost low.

Using this form of heater allows for you to not have to worry about turning it off, as many of these models have a time limit that you can program for your specific needs. You can adjust the temperature of the heater to suit whatever time of year you’re using it.

Other Modern Storage Heaters Available

There is a range of storage heaters that have different technologies in place for cost-effective stored heat such as built-in thermostats, fan assisted heaters, intelligent charge, and high-heat retention casing, longer night storage capabilities.

This range of technologies make older storage heaters second best, and you could be entitled to a free replacement from the local council if you meet the correct requirements to help lower your electricity bills. Modern models are safer in the long term for your use.

The heat output technology has advanced from the time old storage heaters were first fitted in the 1960s. Heaters then were not intended to be energy efficient or to prioritise cheaper costs for your house at the same time. Today’s models of night storage heaters can now come with:

  • A thermostat
  • Measurements for storing heat and energy overheating
  • External temperature monitor
  • Fans to disperse the heat and lower the cold
  • Programmable timers
  • Remote wi-fi control
  • Open window detectors

Since January 1 2018, newly-designed electric heaters storage must have thermostats with programmable 24/7 timers, temperature control and fans.

Models that were manufactured before this date are still available, so those electric storage heaters should be checked carefully prior to purchasing or else you might lose some energy efficiency measures.

High heat retention storage heaters can retain more heat than standard models while maintaining a comfortable temperature. They can hold up to 45% for 24 hours after the time they were last charged. This means that you’re less likely to get colder in the evening with a new heater in your house.

Major brands that run Economy7 storage heaters are Dimplex, Creda, Elnur (Gabarron), Heatstore, Stiebel Eltron and Vent Axia. These major models are some of the most trusted and safe storage heaters available, which is often reflected by the price.

The price of an electric storage heater is typically between £150 (for the most basic models) but may cost over £200 and above depending upon what you want from it. For more energy conserving and high heat retention storage, you will probably have to pay more but ultimately spend less on electricity and heating going forward.

As storage heater technology advances, it is possible to find models that can be controlled over Wi-Fi, with open window sensors (so they turn themselves off) and electronic system control.

Ecombi plus lifestyle

New electric storage heaters can be quite pricey for some people though. However, if you are a low-income family or vulnerable individual, you could be eligible for the storage heaters replacement grant, where you can get a new one for free depending on your circumstances.

A new heating system can mean a cheaper price on bills and more warmth in your house! Find out if you’re eligible for a free economy 7 compatible storage heater replacement grant

What are the Best Economy 7 Storage Heaters To Buy?

In the UK government’s ECO scheme the storage heater grant is required to install the most effective electricity storage heaters available. For this reason we have chosen Elnur Storage Heaters and we would be happy to help you switch to them too!

Elnur Ecombi HHR modern electric heaters do not require maintenance, so there is no need for yearly checks from your energy supplier as long as you have a qualified electrician fit your heating system. The technology for storage heating and low peak electricity costs can last for a long time.

Electric storage heater
  • Cooling fan assistance program to release heat and lower wasted energy
  • Integrated storage/direct acting
  • Modern high-heat retention for energy efficiency
  • Slim wall panel design means less space taken up
  • Stays cool to the touch and limits heat loss unlike regular radiators
  • Their run compared to older models is a much more efficient
  • Thermostat control to ensure efficient heating and that you don’t overheat or generate too much warmth when it’s cold

You can also get this absolutely free if you meet the eligibility requirements. There is no cost to you for installation or payment for the heater itself.

What is the Difference Between Storage Heaters and Storage Radiators?

Some people can get confused about the difference between storage heaters and storage radiators, so let’s clear that up before continuing!

The most important difference between a room heater such as an electric radiator and a storage heater is how they work.

Radiators operate through convection (rather than the heat of ceramic bricks); which is the movement of fluids due to differences in pressure and temperature, and stored heat is emitted as the liquid inside it heats up.

A storage heater has no moving parts inside, meaning that there’s no need for repairs, and your heating is all under your control. You can choose when to release the heat and to a certain temperature depending on your needs. For a room that isn’t used frequently, it makes no sense to have the full heat output within it, which you can decide with storage heating. It is cheaper and means the cost of your heating is fully up to you, depending on what your circumstances require.

If you are a recipient of the following benefits, you are likely to be eligible for the Economy 7 Storage Heaters grant:

  • Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) – income based
  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) – income related
  • Income Support (IS)
  • Child Benefits
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Warm Home Discount Scheme Rebate
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)
  • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
  • Universal Credit (UC)
New benefits under ECO4 scheme
  • Housing Benefit
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit

Financing based on a government scheme

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You can own a house or be a private tenant (but make sure to get permission from your landlord first) to be entitled to carbon saving obligation funding.

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