Dimplex Storage Heaters

There are several different models of Dimplex storage heaters, but what if you could get an Electric Storage Heater for FREE through a grant?

Dimplex 3kw storage heaters are a popular brand choice when it comes to storage heating. The best storage heaters can calculate the amount of energy the user needs and ensure that it is stored ready for use, so energy waste is limited.

In this article, we will look at Dimplex quantum and other types of storage heaters prices, so you can decide if you would like to have it in your home.

You will also find out about government scheme for replacing your old inefficient electric heaters free of charge as part of the UK’s Energy Company Obligation scheme.

Do I qualify for a new electric storage heater grant?

There are many places to buy Dimplex storage heaters. However, even the cheapest Dimplex storage heaters cannot compare to a free one!

If you’re not set on a standard storage heater from Dimplex, we can offer to install Elnur High Retention Electric Storage Heaters as part of the ECO4 grant. There are several criteria, you need to meet to receive the grant and have your electric home heating upgraded for FREE. Check below if you qualify.

Electric Storage Heaters Grant applications starting May 2024 are now open

New Dimplex Storage Heaters

There are several different models of Dimplex storage heaters for sale. Still, the newer developed ones have some beneficial key features that can be useful when heating the home:

  • Simple input and output codes
  • Replaces outdated versions
  • Automated adjustable settings
  • Controls and sensors
  • Dual power supply
  • Energy retention cells
  • Efficient night storage (and day programmer)
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Lower energy bills (low running costs and full control)
  • Keeps home warm no matter the weather conditions

These features are often found in storage heaters nowadays. Still, Dimplex Quantum storage is an example of how storage heaters can be helpful in your home. Another example could be the Elnur electric heating models that we can provide.

Dimplex Storage Heaters FAQ

How Do Electric Quantum Storage Heaters Work?

Contrary to a regular electric room heater, these machines work by storing electrical energy at night to release on-demand later in the home. Ceramic bricks are often used as the heating element in the system, meaning they are completely efficient and no heat energy is wasted.

They do not have any moving parts, which also means they save energy which means they are less maintenance to keep them running.

Dimplex night storage heaters also apply to the information above. However, other brands of heaters could be more suitable for you, so check your eligibility today to see what storage heater could suit your needs. You might even be able to get one for free with the ECO scheme.

How Long Do Dimplex Electric Storage Heaters Last?

Despite having a long life span, elements of the night storage heaters Dimplex provide might only last up to eight years. These elements could include the thermostat to control temperature. There are methods of repair that experts can complete, and you can request checkups on storage heaters in case they need replacing.

How Energy Efficient are Dimplex Heaters?

Tests on Dimplex smart storage heaters have shown 47% savings in the past when compared to electric convection heaters. However, it would be best to keep in mind that energy-efficient does not translate to cost-efficient as electricity can still cost more than gas in some cases.

Why Are Traditional Storage Heaters Not Good?

A radiator system or standard storage heater system does not have the best features of any electric heating system. Here are examples of some flaws of older storage electric heaters:

  • Not enough stored energy available
  • More heat leakage
  • Higher electricity bills
  • Higher running costs

How to Set Up a Dimplex Heater?

If you are sure that this is the brand for you, here are some tips for setting up the storage heater when you get it. The instructions below are specifically for the Quantum storage heaters model of Dimplex electric storage heaters UK.

Older storage heaters in comparison to Dimplex control Quantum heater with a Quantum IQ controller and boost element (also available as fan-assisted panel heaters) maybe be considered easier to use for home heating. The electric convector provides low cost as the built-in timer controls heating times resulting in a cheaper price for your electricity.

Initial Steps

Firstly, turn the machine on when plugged into the wall switches.

Tip: it works best if your Dimplex Quantum storage heaters are plugged in because the power programmer and charge function will always be active; you do not always have to be heating your home. Still, you will get the most of the features having it on.

With the Quantum models of the Dimplex storage heating system, you can next locate the controls on the top right of the machine. The three options listed should be a menu, back, and advance option on the digital display screen.

The main display screen should show you:

  • The target room temperature
  • Off-peak energy charge remaining from the previous night
  • The set timer mode
  • The operating status of the heater

You can also activate or deactivate the child lock by pressing the dial and back button together for five seconds. If you are starting this system, you can set a pin code to lock all the heater settings on the display menu. Competitions and product information shows the user’s requirements when discussing the many benefits of Dimplex heating and ventilation

Date and Time

This is a simple process when you get your storage heater. Click the menu button, and rotate the dial. The ‘date/time’ option should be highlighted on the digital screen, and then press the dial to select.

After this, you can choose to change the day or night setting to alter and set as you please. A feature of the storage heater is that it automatically updates the spring/autumn clock change.


To adjust the temperature on the quantum storage heaters, you do not have to touch the display screen at all. Simply rotate the dial to your desired target temperature. The heater will switch off once the room has reached your selected temperature.

Tip: remember to set the temperature back to normal before midnight so the heater can store the correct amount of heat energy overnight for the following day.

Timer Modes

The Dimplex Quantum heaters have five-timer features that you can play with to find what benefits you the most:

User timer – you can select up to four periods of operation.

Out all day – only provides 7.5 hours of heating in the day, some during the morning and the rest in the evening.

Home all day – provides 13 hours of heating each day.

Away – you can set a temperature for the number of days you are out, reducing the heat output during this time to save energy.

Frost protection – maintains the room temperature of 7 degrees celsius to prevent frost in your home.

Elnur Ecombi Electric Storage Heater Replacement

So Why Do We Install Elnur High Heat Retention Storage Heaters?

If we discuss Dimplex combination storage heaters in this article, why do we not provide them? Dimplex is a fine choice for a storage heater; however, we feel the Elnur electric storage heaters better match the government energy-efficient criteria.

At UK Energy Support, our experts also happen to have the most experience installing Elnur heaters, so we want to provide our customers with the best of our expertise. This brand of storage heater’s benefits include:

    • Maintenance-free
    • Reliable performance
    • Dynamic storage calculation
    • Off-peak electricity management
    • Easy to use heating thermostat
    • Comfortable temperature controls (greater control overall)
    • High heat retention
    • Economical heating system (low running costs and significant saving potential)
    • Less power is used when not needed
    • Simple set-up
    • Long-lasting with a warranty
    • Better for the environment
    • Lowers carbon emissions
    • Economy 7 storage heaters tariff compatible
    • Smart design features
    • Work with smart controls (how to get a smart meter for free?)
    • Compact design

    Conventional old storage heaters are definitely inferior to modern electric heaters (ESH).

    With all of the great features of storage heaters, you are thinking of how good it would be to have a free one!

    The Inefficient Electric Heater to Storage Heater Replacement Grant – see if you qualify

    This is a government backed grant

    UK GOV website address
    dimplex storage heaters s l500

    So, where to buy Dimplex storage heaters and where can I find a Dimplex storage heaters price list?

    If you are looking to minimise your expenses with cheap Dimplex storage heaters, explore other options first.

    The cost of Dimplex storage heaters (even the best price Dimplex storage heaters) is relatively high, so considering the government scheme for a free storage heater can save you a lot of money. We can install you an Elnur HHR system for your home at no cost to you as part of the Energy Company Obligation grant initiated by the UK government!

    You can find Dimplex pricing on their website or feel free to check if you qualify for FREE Elnur HHR storage heater installation, below.

    Do You Qualify For A FREE Electric Heater Upgrade?

    UK Energy Support Electric Storage Heater Installation criteria

    Homeowner or Private Tenant

    Eligible homeowners, or private tenants (who have permission from their landlord) may be entitled to free insulation and/or electric storage heater completed by UK Energy Support.


    If you’re a landlord and your tenants are on benefits (or the Council participates in LA Flex scheme), you can encourage them to check if they are eligible and improve the energy efficiency of your property for many years to come.

    Local authority has grants available

    Local Authority Flexible Eligibility grants and Health grants are based on the same funding. If you’re not on benefits but the Council declares you as eligible in accordance with their Statement of Intent, you may be eligible for the grant.

    Receive Income Benefits and Other:

    • Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) - income based
    • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) - income related
    • Income Support (IS)
    • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
    • Pension Credit Savings Credit
    • Working Tax Credit (WTC)
    • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
    • Universal Credit (UC)
    • Housing Benefit
    • Child Benefits
    • Warm Homes Rebate Scheme

    Apply Today for a Storage Heater Grant

    We can replace your old and inefficient electric heater or radiator and replace it with modern Electric Storage Heater. The ECO4 funding is available to cover all the costs associated with energy efficiency measures. Check your eligibility today and enjoy your home energy efficiency upgrade free of charge!