Expert Insights: Are Air Source Heat Pumps Worth It?

Oct 12, 2023 | Expert Advice

– By Abbie Hall

In the heart of Sunderland, North East, there’s a family-run business making waves in the world of home heating. Led by the savvy Mike Turnbull, this venture is all about embracing a greener way to keep homes toasty. With around twenty years in the game, Mike is a big believer in the potential of Air Source Heat Pumps Grant, and with the backing of the government’s ECO4 Scheme, he’s helping change how we heat our homes, in a pocket-friendly and and cost-effective way.

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Understanding The Work

The UK is on a mission to clean up its act, aiming for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. A big player in this green makeover is the adoption of Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs).

Unlike the old-school heating systems that burn fossil fuels, ASHPs gather the cold from the air outside, work some magic, and turn it into warmth inside, even when it’s nippy out. It’s like having your cake and eating it too—lower carbon emissions and a snug home.

Mike is on the ground, turning this green dream into a reality, one warm home at a time.

Are Air Source Heat Pumps Any Good?

What makes Air Source Heat Pumps special isn’t just in their green creds; it’s also about saving some hard-earned cash. Mike stepped into this world seeing the double whammy—helping the environment and reducing heating costs. He says,

“These pumps are a simple fix to a big issue. By using the air outside, they offer a clean, efficient way to heat homes, and help cut down those hefty heating bills.”

So, it’s not just about being green, but also keeping more green in your wallet.

Are Air Source Heat Pumps Expensive to Run? A Look at the Costs

Before jumping in, it’s smart to check if your house is a good fit for an Air Source Heat Pump, a thorough survey needs to be completed to ensure a house is a suitable candidate. Although not every home is fit for an ASHP installation due to structural or surrounding factors, Mike notes that he hasn’t yet encountered an off-gas property that hasn’t reaped the benefits of lower bills courtesy of an ASHP.

“Every house is unique. Before we install anything, we make sure to complete a detailed survey to understand the specific needs and challenges, as well as find out if the property is eligible for ASHP”

Mike says. The journey may have its hurdles, but the end goal of a warm, cost-efficient home makes it worthwhile.

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Are ASHPs Cheaper than Gas? Counting the Pennies

The full cover from the ECO4 Scheme has got people talking and the demand for Air Source Heat Pumps is booming. It’s keeping Mike and his team on their toes.

“It’s been non-stop, but it’s a good sign. More pumps in homes mean we’re reducing pollution,”

Mike remarks. The high demand is a testament to the community’s growing embrace of this eco-friendly heating solution, aligning with the UK’s ambitious net-zero emission goal.

“Results for 2050 showed that replacement of some 80% of current gas-fired systems would enable the UK to meet its target of 80% carbon emissions reduction in this sector when accompanied by simultaneous decarbonisation of the electricity supply.”

Gupta, R., & Irving, R. (2014). Possible effects of future domestic heat pump installations on the UK energy supply. Energy and Buildings, 84, 94-110.

People often ask “Are Air Source Heat Pumps Cheaper than Gas?” and the answer really depends on your property. Cost-wise, air source heat pumps are efficient, turning a little electricity into a lot of heat. Over time, they could cost less to run compared to gas, especially as gas prices go up.

Gas boilers are cheaper when you compare purchasing them to Air Source Heat Pumps but can cost more over time with fluctuating gas prices, plus they pollute the environment. However, ASHPs, fully covered by the ECO4 Scheme, are a different kettle of fish. They use a bit of electricity to provide a lot of heat, making them super efficient in the long run. With the ECO4 Scheme taking care of the upfront cost, they become a smart and eco-friendly choice for homeowners, saving money and the planet at the same time.

Are Heat Pumps Classed as Renewable Energy? The Green Badge

With the potential ban on gas boilers in new homes from 2025, it seems like air source heat pumps are set to become the new kids on the block. It’s not just about cutting down on the gas; it’s about marching towards the UK’s big goal of net-zero emissions.

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Are Air Source Heat Pumps Efficient?

Mike is optimistic about more and more people hopping on the Air Source Heat Pump bandwagon. His advice to those curious about making the switch is clear cut:

“Making the change is a smart move. It’s a solid solution that boosts your home’s energy efficiency and eases those heating bills.”

Are Air Source Heat Pumps Cost Effective? The Talk of the Town

The buzz and the busy days for Mike and his team show that the community is warming up to the effectiveness of Air Source Heat Pumps. It’s all lining up with the UK’s ambitious plan, making the future of heating look green and keen.

The cost-effectiveness of Air Source Heat Pumps is a big draw. With the full cover from the ECO4 programme, the dream of a warmer, eco-friendly home is now a real deal for many.

Is Air Source Heat Pump Worth It? – Weighing It All Up

With pros like Mike and the ECO4 programme making it easier, the road to a warm, eco-friendly home is looking bright. Every installation not only trims down a home’s carbon footprint but also takes the UK a step closer to its green dream, especially for those who snag the grant!

Article written by

Abigail Hall

Abbie is an ECO4 specialist helping homeowners to enhance their home’s energy efficiency using government funding. With her guidance, many have adopted sustainable living practices and reduced their energy bills.
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