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Sep 26, 2023 | Expert Advice, Grant Schemes and Funding

Beyond Traditional Energy: A Guide to UK’s Off-Gas Property Grants

In the UK, numerous properties, particularly in rural and historical regions, aren’t connected to the national gas grid. These homes benefit from off-gas property grants, addressing their distinct energy needs. With government energy support, homeowners can access resources like air source heat pumps grant, solar panels, and free boiler upgrades.

Replacing old storage heaters and tapping into initiatives, like the ECO4 Scheme and other grants, ensures a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly living environment. Homeowners have access to resources that can make their homes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

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The Challenge of Off-Gas Properties

Off-gas properties are those not connected to the national gas grid. For these homes, alternative energy sources such as oil central heating, LPG heating, solid fuel heating or just old storage heaters and electric heaters are the norm.

While these sources can be effective, they often come with higher costs and lower energy efficiency. Recognising this challenge, various schemes have been introduced to support homeowners.

ECO4: Leading the Charge

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, now in its fourth iteration as ECO4, is a UK government initiative aimed at helping reduce the energy bills of vulnerable and low-income households.

For off-gas properties, this can mean funding for insulation, heating upgrades, or even renewable energy installations.

To be eligible, homeowners must meet certain criteria, including being on specific benefits or having a total household income below a set threshold. Applications can be made through energy suppliers or designated organisations, with many homeowners seeing significant reductions in their bills after availing of the scheme.

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Other Lifelines for Off-Gas Property Owners

The ECO has been a beacon for many, with its ECO4 phase being particularly noteworthy. However, it’s just one facet of the broader off-gas property grant landscape.

These grants, encompassing both governmental and private sectors, are designed to combat fuel poverty and promote energy savings in homes not connected to the gas grid.

Here’s a breakdown of the available grants and schemes:

Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Boiler upgrade scheme focuses on energy efficiency home improvements, replacing outdated heating systems with more efficient ones. Find out more about free boiler upgrades here.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Initiatives

The Great British Insulation Scheme offers insulation grants, especially targeting properties with low EPC ratings and aiding low-income households. This not only improves energy efficiency but also significantly reduces energy bills. We’ve covered EPC rating meaning in a separate blog post.

Renewable Heat Incentive

Though it closed in 2022, this scheme was pivotal in promoting the use of renewable energy sources, including air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, and biomass boilers.

Local Authority Delivery Phase

Local council grants are frequently available, earmarked for specific energy-saving measures. These can range from free cavity wall insulation to more comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades. If you are not eligible for ECO4 grant you may want to reach out to your local council and ask about LA Flex option for energy efficiency funding.

Heat Pumps

With the growing emphasis on sustainable energy, grants for air source heat pump and ground source heat pump are becoming more prevalent. Heat pumps serve as alternatives to traditional electric heating systems, offering more energy-efficient solutions.

Support for Vulnerable Households

For those on universal credit, tax credits, or or other income related benefits additional free grants for low income families. These are aimed at ensuring that even the most vulnerable aren’t left in the cold.

Collaboration with Energy Suppliers

Property owners can often liaise directly with energy suppliers to avail of energy efficiency measures, ensuring their homes are not only warm but also environmentally friendly.

In essence, while the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) remains a cornerstone, a plethora of options exists for homeowners to enhance their home efficiency and combat the challenges of being off the gas grid.

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The Bigger Picture: Why Energy Saving Matters

Home’s energy efficiency is not just about mere cost savings; it’s pivotal for a sustainable future. Here’s a snapshot of its multifaceted importance:

Environmental Impact

Reduced energy consumption diminishes carbon footprints, aligning with the UK’s climate objectives.

Financial Relief

  • Energy Costs: Homeowners, especially those on Housing Benefit or Income Support, face rising costs of power. Local authorities and energy companies, through the ECO scheme, offer solutions like free insulation and the Home Upgrade Grant Phase 2.
  • Heating Bills: Energy-saving measures, from installing heat pumps (ground source, air source, and water source) to biomass boilers, can significantly reduce winter heating costs.
  • Solar Solutions: Solar panels, including offers of free solar panels, curtail energy usage, benefiting those on tax credits, child benefit, or income-related employment support.

Home Comfort

Energy-efficient homes, equipped with low carbon heating systems like heat pumps or biomass boilers, ensure better air quality and fewer cold spots. This is especially crucial for private tenants, who, in collaboration with landlords and energy companies, can avail of free insulation.

Support Schemes

The Affordable Warmth Scheme and initiatives by local authorities target those with limited household income, ensuring everyone can enjoy an energy-efficient home.

In essence, decreasing power loss is a holistic approach, balancing pocket-friendly solutions, comfort, and environmental responsibility.
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Expert Insights: Maximising Benefits for Off-Gas Homes

For off-gas homeowners, experts suggest:

  • Exploring government grants like the home upgrade grant, especially for low-income families or those on income-based benefits. These grants can assist in meeting minimum efficiency requirements and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Considering a new heating system, such as source heat pumps, which offer full space heating and can significantly reduce both costs and carbon footprint.
  • Utilising local council initiatives to install insulation or wall insulation, especially for social housing residents, to save money and enhance home’s energy saving.
  • Checking eligibility for certain benefits, as those experiencing fuel poverty or on qualifying benefits might get support to replace LPG heating or other systems.
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Real Stories, Real Impact

In Yorkshire, homeowner Kris faced challenges with an outdated energy system in his family’s long-standing residence. “We initially considered a boiler upgrade,” said Kris, “but advice from an ECO specialist led us down a different path.”

Opting for an air source heat pump, Kris noted a significant improvement in their home’s energy efficiency.

“Our energy bills decreased by 30%, and with the addition of electric storage heaters, our winters became much more manageable,”

he reported. Kris’s experience underscores the benefits and potential savings of modern, sustainable energy solutions.

Looking Ahead

The UK continues its robust support for off-gas homeowners, especially those in social housing. With initiatives like the home upgrade grant phase, property owners are encouraged to replace outdated gas boilers with alternatives like the air source heat pump, ushering in an era of low carbon heating. The commitment to sustainable living ensures a brighter, warmer future for all off-gas properties.

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Andy Thoburn

With over a decade immersed in UK energy policies, Andy offers insights backed by deep industry expertise. Every detail in this article is a testament to thorough research and a commitment to accuracy.
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