ECO4 Grant Application Centre

Welcome to the ECO4 Application Centre, where we’ve seamlessly integrated advanced verification techniques to efficiently assess your eligibility for the ECO4 Grant, all while ensuring full compliance with DWP and OFGEM requirements.

Completing the Application

  • To complete DWP/OFGEM eligibility checks and submit your ECO4 Scheme Grant application, we’ll need all the information we ask from you on the chat.
  • The entire process takes only 5 minutes.
  • Please start the chat and follow all steps to the end.

What will happen next?

  1. Upon submission, one of our Energy Advisors will be in touch with you to take you through a step-by-step ECO4 grant acquisition process.
  2. We’ll contact you via email, text, or phone from 0191-number based on your preferred method chosen during the application process. Please keep an eye for our communication.

We do not recommend waiting or postponing your ECO4 scheme application. There is a high demand for the ECO4 grant due to the ongoing Energy Crisis and increased Heating Bills.

You will need sufficient time to fully take advantage of the grant before the colder days and winter arrives.

Don’t wait and miss out – Act fast, apply now!

ECO4 Application Centre FAQ:

Do I have to provide any documentation during the application process?

No, you only need to provide documentation after you’ve passed the initial eligibility check.

Does this process affect my credit score?

No, it doesn’t affect your credit score.

Can I cancel my ECO4 application if I change my mind?

Yes, you can. This is a no-obligation process, and you can withdraw at any time without affecting future grant applications up to an installation day.

What details do you require to perform the checks?

We need your full contact details. Additionally, we have a few questions related to your current heating and insulation. Your answers help us assess your situation and speed up your grant application process.

How quickly can I get the ECO4 grant?

The initial qualification usually takes about 72 hours. We’ll contact you as soon as possible, within 1-3 business days, to assess your eligibility. On average, it currently takes 30 days to complete the ECO4 funding process. However, the timeframes may vary depending on the types of insulation and heating measures you’ve been granted.

What can I get through the ECO4 Scheme?

A list of measures for which you are eligible will be provided after the initial checks and home survey. You may be eligible for a combination of the following:

Can I have my windows and doors replaced with ECO4?

No, windows and doors are not eligible for replacement under this scheme.

Who qualifies for the ECO4 Scheme?

Homeowners, private renters, and landlords can be eligible; however, whether you qualify depends on many factors such as your income, your home’s EPC score, or the absence thereof, and whether the home occupier claims qualifying benefits among other factors.

Can I receive cashback from the grant?

No, you won’t receive money, but ECO4 will cover all costs related to the installation of insulation or heating measures if you qualify. This is unlike some other schemes that may offer vouchers to cover only a portion of the costs.

How to apply for ECO4 Grant?

To start your ECO4 application, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button located either above/below in the Application Centre or in the menu. Please answer all the questions, as incomplete information will prevent us from processing your application. If you’re unsure about some answers, you can always return later and start the application again.