How to get the Loft Insulation Grant in Bradford area

Did you know that a third of the heating in a property may be lost with insufficient insulating material? At UK Energy Support, we’re dedicated to addressing this common issue.

Our focus is on providing loft insulation grant from application to installation (as part of the government GBIS and ECO4 Scheme, designed to enhance energy efficiency and reduce heating costs.

Wondering if you qualify for a loft insulation grant if you live in Bradford area?

We’ll help you navigate through the criteria to find out if you can benefit from loft insulation grants available in Bradford:

  • Who Can Apply? Homeowners and private tenants
  • What’s Needed? Recipients of qualifying benefits or tax credits
If you’re a homeowner or private tenant (council or housing association property are excluded) living in the Bradford area and receiving certain benefits, you may qualify for a program to enhance your home’s energy efficiency.

This government initiative, supported by energy supplier funding, comes with specific eligibility criteria.

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Handy Tips for Applying for the Loft Insulation Grant in Bradford

Simple Steps to a Warmer Bradford Home


Step 1

Fill in our quick online form.


Step 2

We’ll guide you through the eligibility check.

Step 3

A surveyor will check your home to ensure works can be carried out

Step 4

Get ready for an installation if you qualify – we handle the rest!

Which UK benefits qualify for loft insulation grants under ECO4 or Great British Insulation Scheme?

There are certain benefits that may qualify individuals to receive grants for different types of insulation:

  • Income Support (IS)
  • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
  • Child Benefits
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit (NEW under ECO4!)
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)
  • Warm Home Discount Scheme Rebate
  • Housing Benefit (NEW under ECO4!)
  • Income based Jobseekers allowance (JSA)
  • Income related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)
The July 2024 applications for loft insulation grants are now open.

Transform Your Home with Loft Insulation Grants – Savings Overview

By insulating your loft, you could save annually between £120 to £280 on energy bills. For eligible individuals, especially those on certain benefits, the entire installation cost might be covered. Whether you have a pitched or flat roof, adding insulation not only trims your energy expenses but also effectively combats draughts, making your home more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Eligibility for Loft Insulation under the ECO4 Scheme in Bradford

Qualifying individuals from Bradford area, especially those receiving income-based benefits, can have the full loft insulation cost of installation covered. Insulating your loft will not only reduce energy bills but will also significantly lessens your home’s carbon emissions.

ECO 4 is a government backed scheme

UK GOV website address

Case Study: The Gallagher Family’s Journey to Energy Efficient Home

The Gallaghers, a Bradford-based family, faced steep heating bills due to inadequate roof space. After reaching out to us and qualifying for the ECO4 Scheme, we installed loft insulation in their home along with cavity wall insulation, internal wall insulation, and heating controls. This led to a warmer home and significantly reduced heating energy costs.


The Gallagher family, living in Bradford, faced a common problem just like many of us: their utility bills were sky-high. Each month, they had to pay a lot just to keep their house warm. This was stressful, especially during the cold winters and their below average household income.

The Challenge

Their house lacked proper loft insulation. When heating is lost through the roof space they were not saving energy. Proper loft or roof room insulation installation is like a warm blanket for your home. Without it, heat easily escapes through the roof, making heating the home more expensive.

Reaching Out for Help

So, the Gallaghers did what any of us would – they reached out for help and contacted us to explore if they qualify for roof insulation grant for their loft. These grants are a lifeline for families trying to cut down those pesky heating costs and improve their home energy efficiency rating.

Manchester Low income family

Our Rapid Response

We moved quickly to process their application. After reviewing their situation, we’ve sent a surveyed who confirmed that we can implement energy efficiency improvements as part of the Energy Company Obligation ECO Scheme. This was great news for the Gallaghers!


The Solution

We organised a team to install loft insulation, along with other heating measures they qualified for, in their home. The process was smooth and efficient, causing minimal disruption to their daily life.

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Post-installation, the Gallaghers noticed an immediate difference after having their loft insulation installed. Their home was warmer and more comfortable. But the real win was seeing their heating bills. There was a dramatic decrease in the costs, which was a huge relief for the family.

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Understanding ECO4: A Government-Backed Initiative

Free loft insulation grants, part of the Great British Insulation Scheme and the ECO scheme, are available across the UK. They benefit homeowners or tenants without a mains gas supply. The Energy Saving Trust underscores the potential of these energy efficiency measures in reducing heating bills.

Learn More About the ECO Scheme

For detailed information on the ECO4 scheme, read our comprehensive article or visit the government website. Determine your eligibility for free insulation grants for lofts by clicking below.

Why Opt for a Loft Insulation Grant?

Opting for these grants is not just about saving money; it’s about embracing a sustainable lifestyle. These grants allow exploration of various insulation types, enhancing your home’s overall energy efficiency.


Quick Installation Process

Our installation process is designed to cause minimal disruption. For a standard three-bedroom house, insulation can be installed in just a few hours, transforming your home’s energy usage.


Reducing Heating Bills & Carbon Footprint

Insulation lowers energy bills and reduces your carbon footprint, contributing to environmental preservation. It can also increase your home’s market value with a higher EPC score.


Our Quality Guarantee

We provide free insulation services and heating measure installations, ensuring top-notch quality and swift completion. You can count on us for exceptional service at no cost!

Personalised Assistance and Information for Bradford and nearby locations

At UK Energy Support, we offer personalised guidance for Bradford residents through the grant for free insulation and heating measures application process, collaborating with leading energy suppliers, OFGEM and Energy Saving Trust. We tailor insulation solutions to your home’s unique requirements, ensuring optimal installation and energy efficiency.

Our comprehensive services extend beyond loft insulation, covering a range of cost-effective solutions that align with income-related benefits, enhancing your eligibility for grants.

Learn About Your Potential Energy Bill Savings

Contact us for tailored energy advice or to begin the process of insulating your loft or obtaining free internal solid wall insulation and cavity wall insulation grant. Discover the grants available to you!


Are you a homeowner?


Is your property off-gas?


Do you claim any benefits?

Frequently Asked Questions (Loft insulation FAQs)

What is the Free Loft Insulation Grant?

A government program funded by main energy suppliers to make homes more energy efficient.

How does loft insulation contribute to energy savings?

It reduces heat lost through the roof, decreasing the energy needed to heat your home.

Who is eligible for a free insulation grant?

Eligibility varies based on homeownership, heating system, benefits received, and property type or your energy performance certificate rating.

How can I apply for the loft grant?

You can check your eligibility for all energy efficiency measures through our online form on the website. If eligible, we will contact you to move forward with the process to get free loft insulation.

What additional advantages does loft insulation offer?

Beyond energy bill savings, loft insulation improves home comfort levels, prevents draughts, prevents heat loss and reduces environmental impact.

User Testimonials

5 star review UK Energy Support
“Had Lee and mark come over to do loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. They were really nice and polite. They checked the whole house and made sure everything was okay and cleaned up their mess afterwards. Even sealed a load of gaps for me which I didn’t know about. Couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Top service! Thank you!”

from Bradford

UK Energy Support 5 star review

“Today i had the two Darrens come and fit loft insulation I was very pleased were efficient and thorough and worked well, they left the loft and hall in good order and would recommend”

M Stanley

Handy Tips for Preparing Your Home


Clear the Loft

Ensure your loft is empty before installation day.


Make sure there’s easy access to your loft.

Pets and Kids

Keep them in a safe area away from the work zone.

Take the next step today!

Here at UK Energy Support, we want to help as many low income households as possible. We would be happy to help you in any way we can, so get in touch and start saving energy thanks to the loft insulation grant application!