What are electric storage heaters?

Electric storage heaters (ESH) accumulate heat generated from low-cost nighttime electricity and then release it throughout the day to achieve maximum efficiency in energy usage.

A storage heater is an extremely effective and affordable heating method for any household.

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Do You Qualify for Electric Storage Heaters?

It is likely that you qualify if you own or rent an electric-heated property and receive the appropriate combination of income-related benefits.

  • Homeowner or Private Tenant
  • Get Income-Related Benefits
  • Have Electrically Heated Property

Free electric storage heaters replacement

Did you know you can have your inefficient electric radiators or heating system replaced with new storage heaters for free?

UK Energy Support specialise in replacing old electric heating systems with High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters, making households more energy efficient.

We do this under the ECO4 scheme, which is the Energy Company Obligation laid out by the UK government to cut carbon emissions.

Included in the electric storage heaters grants agreement is a requirement for large power companies to provide energy efficient heaters to vulnerable people and lower income households.

This also means that if youโ€™re looking toย replace electric storage heaters with electric radiators and leave Economy7 behind you we won’t be able to help you as you at this moment of time as we’re focusing on improving the energy-efficiency of UK properties.


You are under no obligation to proceed with the installation at this stage of checking the eligibility.

Elnur Ecombi Electric Storage Heaters Replacement

Why should you consider electric storage heater to heat your home?

There is a debate going on about electric storage heaters vs gas central heating but having electric night storage heaters is better for the environment than traditional gas heating.

There is no requirement to be connected to a gas grid, no maintenance required, and no risk of health concerns. The same applies to storage heaters vs electric radiators comparison.

What Benefits Qualify for the Free Electric Storage Heaters under ECO4?

Qualifying Allowances:

  • Income based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA)
  • Income related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income Support (IS)

Qualifying Benefits:

  • Housing Benefit (new!)
  • Child Benefits

Qualifying Credits/Rebates:

  • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit (new!)
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Warm Home Discount Scheme Rebate
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)

Cancelled with ECO3 end:

  • Attendance Allowance
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment
  • Carerโ€™s Allowance
  • Constant Attendance Allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Severe Disablement Allowance
  • War Pensions Mobility Supplement

Do you claim any of these benefits? You are likely to be eligible for a free electric storage heater.

The Electric Storage Heater Replacement Grant – check if you qualify

Best electric storage heaters review

If you’re considering replacing storage heaters with electric radiators let us stop you there because we’re about to tell you about why Elnur High Heat Retention Storage Heaters are the best electric storage heaters currently available.

The electric night storage heaters UK reviews mention ESH are extremely cost-effective for people who are trying to save money on their energy bills.

These heaters come with a warranty along with a longer lifespan than other night storage heaters on the market as well as maintenance support if anything should go wrong.

These storage heaters electric can run and adjust automatically to the climate around them, as well as being able to detect when a window is opened.

This means that none of the valuable warmth that youโ€™re storing is being wasted when you donโ€™t need it!

Start your application today to find out if you’re eligible for free storage heaters!


Temperature control

Fan assisted to aid warm up time and reduce the amount of time waiting. The fan will move for as long as it takes to raise the temperature and maintain it.



The storage heater is cool to the touch, even when itโ€™s working at itโ€™s maximum power.



Smaller than older storage heaters, they take up less space in your home and are much more efficient than their larger and older counterparts.



Cheaper costs to install it not only by the wall due to their portability (unlike radiators which are often attached to the wall).



The noise from the fan compared to older storage heaters is instantly less noticeable, this is because ELNUR aims to minimise disruption in your home.



Temperature detection and control means that you never waste your stored heat.



Compatible with two off peak electricity tariffs, meaning you wonโ€™t have to worry about running out of electricity during peak times.


You can choose to release heat on a schedule or at less specific certain times depending on your needs.

Pros and cons of storage heaters:


No maintenance

ESH donโ€™t require much servicing or maintenance, unlike a gas heating system or some electric radiator. This is due to the lack of moving parts or dangerous gases inside the storage heater.


Ease of use

A storage heater will often have a digital thermostat, which allows you to manage your heat use in a controlled way.



High heat retention storage heaters will retain heat for longer without making your utility bills rise, as well as stopping wasted energy from occurring. Less power is used when it isnโ€™t needed, allowing you to control when your heat output is maximised.

Simple set-up

The installation process is much simpler than that of other heating systems.


Long lasting

Depending on the type of product and the component involved, the warranty may vary from 2 to 3, 5 or 10 years.


Better for the environment

Heating a home with the best electric heating system is better for the environment, particularly when that power comes from a renewable source. Limiting our contribution to climate change through our heat output means that we can get closer to the 2050 target of net-zero.


Lower carbon emissions

Using electric heating as an alternative to fossil fuels, you will be contributing to the UKโ€™s commitment to lowering carbon emissions. As of 2025, gas boilers will no longer be installed in new build homes, so it is best to install electric heaters now before prices rise.

Smart design features

The external temperature of the heater wonโ€™t be felt thanks to the modern casing, meaning that no one will be hurt if they touch it.

What are the cons of storage electric heaters?


When it comes to using a storage heater, you can often hear that electricity is more expensive than gas or thermal energy, but letโ€™s look at the bigger picture.

Start by joining an Economy 7 storage heaters tariff with lower price during off-peak hours. You would not be able to switch to it with alternatives to electric storage heaters. Using a night storage heater means that you can collect at night and release heat whenever you need it. In the current day and age, the gas prices are rising very quickly, and itโ€™s not hard to imagine that it will become more economical to invest in an electrical heating system.


Standard storage heaters or basic models may overheat rooms by releasing the excess heat. However, with modern electric storage heaters such as high heat retention heaters (HHR) this is easily managed due to the specialist controlled way they are built.


Occasionally old storage heaters may seem to release heat far more than you need it during the day and not enough in the evening when itโ€™s likely to be colder.

This is easily solved with modern storage heaters and the digital thermostat that most brands include.

Elnur ECOHHR30 High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heater

How do electric storage heaters work?

An electric storage heater works by collecting electricity at night and later releasing it as heat on demand.

Ceramic bricks are typically used to heat these heaters and they are 100% efficient since everything they produce is used.

As they contain no moving parts such as valves or heat pumps like radiators, it is unlikely that an electric storage heater will break down and require maintenance.

This means that they are capable of heating large rooms without using an excessive amount of money, unlike even the best electric radiators and older models of ESH.

When compared with panel heaters, big or small electric storage heaters use power stored overnight to heat your home. Using nighttime electricity with your storage heater (e.g. Economy 7) means that the cost of running electric storage heaters will be significantly reduced in comparison to day time electricity tariff.

Tips on how to use electric storage heaters

An electric storage heater is most efficient when charged during the nighttime. With the Economy 7 tariff, you would be able to heat your electric storage heater at a lower cost.

You should always remember to turn off the โ€œoutputโ€ switch on your heater, as it may cause energy overheating and your rooms becoming too warm.

If you feel cold, it is possible to use the โ€œboostโ€ buttons to increase the temperature of your room in an easily managed way without lowering the power that you save.

Are electric storage heaters expensive to run?

No, but there are things to keep in mind to benefit from all the advantages that ESH can give you.

First, you don’t have to worry about electric storage heaters prices as they are fully funded by the government grants for electric storage heaters if you meet certain criteria.

While gas is cheaper than electricity, its price rose by 54% last year. With such trends continuing, electricity is proving to be a more feasible option to heat your home each day, especially if you use the cost-efficient night tariffs that ESH can run on.

The solution to minimising the cost of storage heaters is to use off peak tariffs.

economy 7 storage haters times

What is off-peak tariff?

Off-peak tariff is available during times when costs are low. This is typically for seven hours (12am to 7am) as less people will be using the electric grid during the night.

You will not have to pay the cost of daytime electricity during this time, meaning you can store heat for less energy to be used when you need it most.

The range of off-peak tariffs available for your area and house may depend on where you live.

What you save on expensive electricity can then be used for other costs in your house.

Cost of electric storage heaters

The electric storage heaters running costs will be largely cut down if you take advantage of an Economy 7 electricity tariff.ย This allows you to have home heating for a cheaper price with all the same features as a traditional electric tariff.

The running costs for an electric central heating system can be lower than that of a gas boiler and electric radiators.

This is because they run on lower price night storage tariffs, meaning you wonโ€™t be accessing electricity during peak times (such as during the day) as you will be using stored heat during the night in your house.

With the ECO grant, you will not be required to pay anything towards the installation and price of an electric storage heater. However, if you donโ€™t qualify for the ECO scheme, it is possible to make your money back swiftly thanks to the Economy7 electricity tariff.

It is best to purchase a higher end heater, despite costing more to purchase, because they are most likely cheaper to run and more likely to have a longer lifespan than basic models.

It might be possible to get support from your local council with electricity.

This is a government backed grant

UK GOV website address
Energy Company Obligation ECO4 website

Electric storage heaters grant

At UKES, we offer the storage heaters grant thanks to the ECO4 scheme government, so there is no need for you to look for electric storage heaters for sale. This funds not only the cost of the new electric storage heaters but also the installation at no extra price to you, while making sure you have the extra warmth you need.

This is available to homeowners, tenants of private landlords and those receiving qualifying benefits. To find out if you are eligible to receive grants for home improvements to replace your old electric heater for free, contact us today!

Remember, you are under no obligation to proceed with the installation at this stage of inquiry to determine whether you qualify for the free electric storage heater.

Apply Today for a Storage Heater Replacement Grant

We can replace your old and inefficient electric heater or radiator and replace it with modern Electric Storage Heater. The ECO4 funding is available to cover all the costs associated with energy efficiency measures. Check your eligibility today and enjoy your home energy efficiency upgrade free of charge!